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  1. I wish them luck with the 30000 plus FH or 40000 plus FH fuselage.
  2. initially only one aircraft 9M-LNH
  3. from the reflection, it was from Kfc
  4. Agreed RNP4 req at least 2 indpnt LRNSs fitted to aircraft which form the basis for ops approval grant. For this RNP4, GNSS is a must and the nav sensor per ICAO standards which lack in B734 is GPS. By the way RNAV and RNP is different, RNP is more retrict where onboard performance monitoring and alerting cap req. i believe there is no RNAV4. with PBN there will be PBCS, and the CPDLC/ ADS-C are req for comm, surveillance and ATM to couple with RNP4.
  5. With PBN implementation, MH 734 is not approved for RNP 4 nav spec ops in oceanic airspace due to requirement to use CPDLC/ ADS-C surveillance
  6. MW Twotter C-GFAP now in KUL.
  7. In the picture, I saw few certifiers of this rare coverage of F28 and RR Spey. Semua sifu2 old timer....
  8. 9M-MSG is the first MH 738 fully incorporated with PIP
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