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  1. Now Sabah's turn - only fair it's also placed in this 'foreign carriers' thread 😁 I hope this absurdity does not come to reality 🤦‍♂️ https://www.dailyexpress.com.my/news/218944/sabah-may-have-own-airline/
  2. The 'hero' status probably restricted only in that particular chap's ego mindset - I imagine there would have been many sane fellow pax wishing he would just shut up and go incognito 😀 Yes, that 'hero' probably did not take up much consideration as to likelyhood of the unstable guy's ability to harm others Plus, if he really believed a few harsh words will even help to diffuse the situation ....... 🙄 As I said, pretty dumb ..... probably far fetch, maybe the law enforcers could press charges against the 'hero' for aggravation of the peace ..... 😁
  3. From what was aired on Aussie telly, there was at least one other pax having a shouting match with the fella Dunno lah, pretty dumb thing to do in my opinion - why go inflame further someone who was clearly not in 'correct' state of mind already ? 😒
  4. And to think British Airways all those years ago gave up on their world liveries project because people were getting confused by the 'variety' ..... 😄
  5. In case of BKI, any further land reclamation will encroach upon/deteriorate the nearby marine national park, a rich lucrative vein for the tourism industry, which in turn has been a major contributor to BKI's traffic growth I guess not wise to kill the goose that lay eggs 😁
  6. Consider rescheduling your trip till after August ?! 😁
  7. As opposed to our experience at LHR T2 UK border control last week - not a single question, not a single word, not even a response to my 'good afternoon' greet (no smile either) 🤣 No more than a minute I reckon, and the whole experience including the queue was like five minutes total ? We concluded most of pax on our flight qualified for the e-gates and were segregated there away from us old school travellers 😁
  8. The longer this drag on and the more elaborate the story spins out, it would seem that each party is helping to dig the other party's hole ever deeper in search of a mutually face saving compromise 😁
  9. As per Mr Lee's reply - bimbang tiada orang masak 😉
  10. Likely it will be old food repackaged but invoiced 'differently' ?! 😒
  11. BC Tam


    Sarawak has agreed to take over MASWings, says Abang Jo | The Star 😄
  12. Singapore Airlines to roll out free Wi-fi for all passengers in rare move | South China Morning Post (scmp.com) Game changer ?! 😉
  13. S’wak boutique airline expected to take off within three years, says Abg Jo (theborneopost.com) To be fair, this version of the story makes much more sense 🙂 Plus, he had apparently worked at MH in the early years, and has an MBA to boot 😀
  14. Certainly the narrative has mutated over course of time 😉 As I recall it 1) first it was to provide 'direct international flights' into KCH (and Sarawak I suppose) as that segment was/is somewhat lacking - you can of course go into a wholly separate discussion on that issue, but probably not appropriate here ..... 2) then when PM made that statement pre-Raya, 'agreed in principle' as a market manipulator tool to drive down airfare costs Semenanjung-Borneo (I don't recall if that was Sarawak specific or EM in general) 3) now with an anticipated fleet of 120-seater turboprops, one cannot even start to speculate how those (already declared) objectives can be worked upon 🤔 Well, hopefully said business model is not based upon a fleet of 120-seater turboprop How can you mention "30 years experience" and "new business model" in same breath ?! 🙄 I'm pretty certain the likes of MH, FY, OD, AK, Z9, TR, BI etc will be finely tuned to every new twitch in this 'new airline' - no way you can keep to yourself la 😁
  15. Hahah ! Reminds me of when my ex-work colleagues from PJ HQ office used to say "... we in Malaysia do this way, but you in Sabah & Sarawak do so different ......" Sorry, I diverge ...... 😀
  16. Could this also be reason they want to hive off AK to D7, so their 'super app' can be said to be independent of meddling from air asia ?
  17. MAG posts best quarterly profit in 20 years | The Star Wah !! 😁
  18. But it really is a bit of a tone down from those very elaborate 'batik' tails on the 738s and Max8s to these albinos 😄
  19. Another thing I noticed is they seem to have largely abandoned the 'dog eat dog' Peninsular-EM market to a bare skeleton, leaving the likes of MH, AK and Z9 to fight over the remaining scraps 😁
  20. BC Tam

    BKI 2021

    Wow, that Cebu Pacific A320 RP-C4106 must have been in some serious trouble when diverted, for it to have stay stranded for 3 days already
  21. So true, I recall they had (in pre-pandemic times) multiple daily flights into BKI from CAN - I'm guessing perhaps that was intended in part at least as transit feed to CZ's traffic at CAN But even before that, CZ was already the 'go to' carrier doing the school holidays charter flights ex-BKI to far flung secondary Chinese 😄
  22. The media piece says MU, but I have read since then that it will be FM instead Also that CZ will be flying CAN-BKI instead of SZX-BKI One of two options I suppose - either the quoted piece prove be some total hogwash (my sincere apologies if proven be so) or the author of the published piece isn't about to get nominated for mention/prize in any media award ceremony anytime soon 😁
  23. KePKAS sambut baik pengumuman tiga syarikat penerbangan utama China – Sabah Media CZ, MF & FM gonna make their presence at BKI again next few months 😁
  24. I remember once in those very early days, when our early evening BKI-BKK flight was 'rescheduled' (ie. delayed), they brought in one of their catering carts into (the now abandoned) holding lounge at BKI T2 and dished out Maggi cup noodles plus hot water for those who were in need of 'nourishment' - I was immensely impressed 😃 I comparison nowadays .....
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