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  1. Nice touch! An improvement. I'm still a frequent user of airasiaplus.com though when it comes to initial search for cheap fares.
  2. So finally AK is 100% A320? hehe they used to have that billboard near KLIA Elite toll plaza, guess it's finally a reality
  3. I was on MH on 1st day of Raya, Oct 1,2008. Both for my AOR-KUL and KUL-SIN flights, i did not gain a single mile. Despite the fact i purchased the ticket few months back before all this new low fare thingy , it's still considered an 'L' fare hence no point.
  4. Ohh i can fall in love with the Uzbek colors. I was on the same plane in 2002, beautiful plane from outside
  5. I just received an SMS from MH, my flight from KUL-SIN has been cancelled and transfered to a later flight. Now i have a 3 hours transit in KLIA (ALONE!) instead of 1 hour on Raya Pertama. Damn it. Now i hope my AOR-KUL flight remains on time.
  6. If i may refer to the 2 photos above, so meaning to say with MH basic, we got 80% enrich miles and cheap fares? CORRECTION: OK I was wrong...low fare and basic fare shares the same column. Red indicates low-fare (0% enrich). Damn..
  7. I hate this! Seriously, give me 10%, give me 5% but 0%? May as well fly on AK or FY.
  8. Could make a good ghost story. Sad nevertheless for the family.
  9. wow...bring back lots of memories. I remember boarding MH DC-10, Saudi 747 and Emirates AB6 at Terminal 1 and various flights in T2 and T3 in SZB,. When i was even smaller, my family used to drive all the way from shah alam to the airport to eat in an indian reastaurant across T1, Shiraz (if i remember correctly). And of course the great A&W when there was no fast food joints in Shah Alam. Flying and sending someone to the airport was a family event and we all dressed up and enjoy it very much. I was 10-16 yrs old but yeah good times
  10. On my recent flights to LHR and back, it was full both business and economy. I would say 70% pax from Down Under based on their luggage tags and conversations. Don't know about First class though. Too bad LHR it's not profitable..
  11. I never realize it's Tahun Melawat Kelantan 2008. Excellent sharp-sharp photos...
  12. The Entrepreneur is now online! Check it out at: http://www.tonyfernandesblog.com/ Definitely going to be on my favourites list.
  13. I will be celbrating in Yan, Kedah. Afternoon of the 1st raya will be doing AOR-KUL-SIN on MH to attend a non-profit organization event in Singapore. I will be travelling in full baju melayu, i dont care hehehe
  14. Wow is this youtube video for real and it's here already or something the creative agency developed for future use?
  15. Tempting...very tempting.. Mid next year, a lot of things will change in my life but it's definitely worth the gamble...
  16. DC-10. Take over from BIMAN make it my private ride. Damn cool....
  17. Stanstead? Good. I'm posting this on a 5-hour transit in Heathrow T3. Boy i tell you it is just like a pasar!!! Heathrow is that bad.
  18. The news was all over the news here in Odense Denmark. Apparently SAS Group owns Spanair hence the extra attention to this tragedy. It's never good to hear bout a crash...big or small
  19. Im getting the "Operated By Garuda" msg as well. But its not printed on my ticket for this saturday. I hope its MH.
  20. Also, on a similar note, do tech crew have similar rosters as cabin crew?
  21. Hi Mansor. I think you posted this at the wrong section.
  22. Yes it will be the new airport. Saw few tenders for water treatment system for the new development a few months ago.
  23. Talk about pointing fingers to Malaysia. I'm pointing back my FINGER. Guess we all know which finger.
  24. OT: Changi to my definition: Free Cinema, Great choice of food (including Halal staff), Hard Rock cAfe, Great spotting opportunity, KEbaya girls, FREE wi-fi (fast too), Lots and lots of internet kiosk, Great chairs, Terminal 3, Freedom of space and privacy. Read part of my changi review here
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