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  1. 15 unidentified 748..... MH?? I could only dream... hehe
  2. 1) Uncle Pieter 2) Loc (VNAS) 3) Nguyen (VNAS) 4) Son (VNAS) 5) Ramani 6) Keisuke 7) Li Ren 8 ) Keith Ng 9) Wai Ping 10) Simon 11) Walter 12) Wilson 13) Sheng 14) Jessnor So we meet at Departure Hall gate of the highest number at 0900 on Saturday 25/6/2011... sounds good.. I'll be arriving by bus from Kuantan... see you guy there
  3. Word from MASEU... MASEU: Just Cancel A380 Orders KUALA LUMPUR, June 24 (Bernama) -- The Malaysian Airlines System Employees Union (MASEU) has called on Malaysia Airlines (MAS) to just cancel the orders for the Airbus A380 aircraft. "At the point of receiving the said aircraft in 2012, it would have become outdated in the airline industry," said MASEU Executive Secretary Mustafar Maarof in a statement on Thursday. According to the union, MAS needs to change its business strategy and avoid following in the footsteps of other airline companies in the region. "MAS can operate more comfortably and economically by building its business modus operandi in facing the stiff competition at the global level," Mustafar said. Airbus was to have delivered the A380 in January 2007 but has had to postpone it to early 2012. "This is something not aceptable in undertaking business in the airline industry. "If MAS still decides to wait, then it will fail to update and draft a framework and business model in the new era of the airline industry," Mustafar noted. From the perspective of labour laws, the MASEU said the A380 had changed the manner and rest hours of cabin crew on the aircraft. -- BERNAMA
  4. From the twitter. On Saturday 19th June 2010, @tengkuazmil said: New interior only on our own 738s. 787/350 we will look at only towards end of year. Not looking at 748s at this point. So MH will look at 787 eventually.. yeah hope they'll taken.. Even if it will be delivered in 2020. Just 4 years of 2016.
  5. Suddenly I have something to do that day... so I cant come...
  6. Any guides by public transport to changi beach?
  7. 1 Pieter C & Mai 3 Cornelis Boersma 4 Liew Hon Kit 5 Tony (maybe) 6 Wai Ping 7 flee 8 Simon 9 Jess & friend 11 but any fixed tentative? we'll be there by bus and MRT...
  8. So MH not only hospitable to human but to ghost and genie too. Should use in their new tagline though..
  9. Maybe MH is preparing to go fully international only.. with domestic services given to FY.. hence the closing down of lounges...
  10. I thought it is MH policies to let only the captain do the taxiing.
  11. It seems that our MPs love to picked on MH... From foods, dress codes, destinations etc... and then MH making losses they blame the CEO/MD... Why?
  12. That has to be the best aviation shot in history
  13. Here first 10 from me: Singapore Airlines Fly Niki Swiss pegasus - Beko livery Air Canada Another Swiss American Continental Nose SAS Jat Airways
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