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  1. Which is actually could be flown from NRT to LAX if MH never axed the route...
  2. Turkish Airlines increases its Kuala Lumpur frequency to daily Apparently the Turks is doing well in our turf. Read more: http://www.eturbonews.com/42257/turkish-airlines-increases-its-kuala-lumpur-frequency-daily
  3. i think this person miss the point...we are talking about how the caterer and the airline should improve this matter and not about making the life of the crews tougher!
  4. 25 years? From when to when? Furthermore guaranteed profit won't be healthy for any business practice!
  5. Yeah...like his purposely Singapore AirAsia would be based at the low-tax airport if it is ever materialized!
  6. It's a sad review considering it is one of the signature dishes for the airline. Below is the website that reports the event: http://bit.ly/1if71FG
  7. Not because of one slot in DXB taken by MH?
  8. 787-10 is suitable to replace those 772 planes
  9. Yes and never allow any male passengers go on-board!
  10. With this news, are we going to see BA or VS in our shore?
  11. No purpose of having Best in the world when pay is on the par with the third world. Guess all the best crews already runaway to EK!
  12. And when we will have visa-free travel to USA just like our down under neighbour?
  13. Malindo Air, please expand your route intra-peninsular, sure you gave A**A** run for money!
  14. If MH stops the NRT-LAX route and code shares with either AA or JAL, what kind of the services that passengers would enjoy especially from those who already used to fly MH? I don't think its a huge matter with JAL but AA is a hit-and-miss since many know that any US carriers are crappy when they come to soft products.
  15. I wonder why KUA got attention to be code shared since it is not populated as high as KBR and TGG in the East Coast region
  16. Hmmm...they can buy a lot of plane yet no money to pour on Malindo JV? Can somebody explain this matter to me?
  17. Azizul, how's www.skyscanner.com.my compared to kayak.com?
  18. No longer offer flexible, dirt cheap ticket....is it still worth it to fly with AK?
  19. Ok now this definitely beyond first class....not like the one in MH new A380.....SQ rival perhaps?
  20. That F class seats look definitely the largest in it class!
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