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  1. How’s Scoot doing by the way? It was a copycat of D7
  2. On the ATR? It would take half a day just to complete a sector. Not sure whether it’s gonna be a popular route and in demand apart from during festive seasons and school holidays.
  3. Chek Lap Kok International Airport was opened almost at the same time as KLIA. I have been using the airport & train services since 2001 not less than 10 times / month. I could not recall at anytime at all the train services had broken down. May be Hongkies are more ‘gentle’ ? Coincident? Better brand / maker? Less mileage?...... etc.....etc..... I don’t know .....
  4. 2 biz class pax entitled to 2 chauffeur driven services if both pax are adults. Just book 2 cars & everyone hop on them. I bought 4 biz class tickets to USA from KUL, 3 adults & 1 kid, I was told that I am entitled for 3 hotel rooms in DXB and chauffeur services. I asked them to book 3 rooms although I don't really need it - just to make my money worth.
  5. Sorry, my bad, it should read 13 x weekly instead of 6 x weekly.
  6. Is MAS reducing frequency to 6 x a week to LHR in Oct 2017? Dummy booking showed MH 4 is not operating on tuesday (17 & 24 Oct). Likewise, MH 1 is not available on the same days. Any idea?
  7. This pattern is called a "SPLIT DUTY" which is quite commonly being practiced around the world, be it day or night dutiy. It is approved by the respective regulators. If there is a break in between duties of 3 hours or more, the company will provide a 'suitable' accommodation and the "Flight Time Limitation" will be subjected to this clause of duty. Otherwise, a minimum of 12 hours rest or the length of the preceding duty, whichever is longer, will be given to both, the tech & cabin crew.
  8. 3 cabin crew for a B738/A320 operation is only legal if the operator lock one of the 4 main doors & limit the number of pax onboard as per MEL/DDG. It surely can't operate with more than 75% pax load. It is a regulatory requirement and cannot be waived by the operator.
  9. It was 6 months for me when I flew on CX & CX codeshare with JAL (HKG-HND) on CX, HND-HNL on JAL, HNL-NRT on JAL, NRT-HKG on CX. I was using Enrich at that time and it took me several times visiting MAS office in KL Sentral to resolve the problem. CX was quite efficient but it was JAL who took 6 months to credit my miles.
  10. Sold my 150k miles for a biz class KUL-LHR-KUL in Sept 2017. Did it 2 days ago. It is cheaper to pay penalty than buying more miles for the new scheme if we need to reschedule the trip.
  11. The FLYGLOBAL I guess, proving flight as it is in the final stage of getting own AOC ( Air Operating Cert) from DCA. Once done, it will be doing mostly charter ops, targetting haj & umrah market. Perhaps, Eagle Express Mk 2 if you wish to say. Caveat: (At least that was what I heard from a toilet cleaner in KLIA a few weeks ago)
  12. I agree, too many cynical and or sarcastic comments didn't help to paint the right picture and to know the truth. I am fully aware that most of the members here are not a pilot, thus their comments are more emotionally driven rather than factual basis. So far we are grateful that everyone is safe ...... Re : Zamim & Chris Tan with regard to slides deployment. In any airlines (at least in Malaysia or regulated by DCA Malaysia), the is no such thing as cost cutting measures when come to safety. Pax evacuation or disembarkation either by slides deployment or air stairs or aerobridges are CAPTAIN's or COMMANDER's decision, subjected to the nature of emergency and the urgency of deplaning the pax. In the case of fire in the cabin, certainly everyone must be evacuated ASAP (means all available exit doors/slides will be used) because that is the only sensible choice of decision. However, if there is no fire or toxid hazard in the cabin, it might be more hazardous or riskier for pax to rush to the doors and jump on the slides. It might be wise for the captain to plan for a "precautionary disembarkation". I wouldn't want to go into details of 'Safety & Emergency Procedures (SEP)' subject but suffice to say that most of the slides on modern aircraft are available for pax evacuation both on land & water at any attitude of the aeroplane. Last but not least, NONE OF US were in the cockpit at the time of the said accident. Thus we did not know exactly what happened, the communications between the cabin & cockpit, the flow of information, risk assesment, thought process, managing the crisis etc.... until the decision was made to evacuate the pax/crew. All I could say, the quality of our commanders of all airlines regulated by DCA Malaysia are well trained & above the average. Therefore, to pass your own judgement before the completion of the inquiry is injustice !!!
  13. Pay & contract package is not as attractive as offered by Air Asia. Currently, Air Asia is the best paid airlines in Malaysia, at least for a Captain. If OD could offer something different, I am sure people will come running across the terminal.
  14. CX's lounge - The Bridge is available for MAS GCCL pax. Not sure about Enrich Gold though.
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