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  1. qatar airways 777 'masuk hangar' for maintenance tht why replace with 787.
  2. Air Mauritius A330 (24/6/11 1648pm) quality of pic is very bad...just using my nokia e72.
  3. Fath Yusof...yes this pic taken from metc bulding.
  4. credit to Zul for the b738 photo. "Just get "content not found" message. Can't wait to see a picture - any other link to a photo?" sorry guys...maybe u should log in Facebook 1St.
  5. someone already post the picture of fy B738 (9m-ffa)...dalam facebook. look really nice http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/photo.php?fbid=1556176425259&set=a.1556175545237.2075546.1260677918&pid=31385219&id=1260677918
  6. keena

    MW on BH!!!

    congrats!!! agree with u guys...i don't think only 30 of us active...everyday new hot topic and comment made by forum mmbers.. maybe next time they should also mention bout 'gurl' involve in this hobbies..hahahaha...
  7. hi..i'm doing a research about company ethical problems for my business ethics module... 1) The main ethical dilemmas facing by airlines company. (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and MAS) 2) The issue held by various stakeholders..customers,employees,suppliers n etc... any comment or suggestion are welcome...
  8. nice pic!!!! i just saw USAF thunderbirds from my house...soooo amazing....
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