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  1. Should be paid sevice as that will be airasia's ancillary income.. He tweeted about ancillary income as well..
  2. Capt, cool charity. If you need additional volunteers on board, I'm all in especially for the Sensational Saturday as i personally have never flown on any 747.
  3. saw this in BKI last tuesday(23/04/13).
  4. cool..congrats to those involve..excellent behind the scene documentary..
  5. and currently all EC 225 in Malaysia (and most part of the world) is grounded due recent ditching issue at north sea.
  6. i left PEN on saturday morning (around 8am), its not there anymore..
  7. how do MASkargo pilots get to their freighter?? through ACC(park their car at MASkargo parking) or MTB(get bussed from the flight ops building) in KUL??
  8. A British Airways jet was forced to make an emergency landing after both pilots almost 'passed out' at the controls. The Captain and first officer both reported feeling light headed as the aircraft, which had taken off from Heathrow, was climbing at 20,000 feet. As the drama unfolded passengers heard a 'panicked' captain call for a senior member of the cabin crew to come to their aid. Drama at 20,000 feet: Both the Captain and first officer reported feeling dizzy during the ascent (file photo) Drama at 20,000 feet: Both the Captain and first officer reported feeling dizzy during the ascent (file photo) They were then supplied with oxygen masks as they continued the stricken flight and requested an emergency return to Heathrow. Fortunately the plane, an Airbus A321, landed safely but when paramedics arrived the pilots both said they had felt as though they were about to pass out. The incident, which is now being investigated by the Air Accident Investigation Branch, was also reported by a passenger on the flight on a professional pilots website. He described how the captain of the flight, from London to Glasgow last month, sounded panicked and how cabin attendants looked worried at the turn of events. 'I was on the London to Glasgow flight yesterday, departed Heathrow at 4 pm-ish got airborne, at approx 20 mins into flight a very abrupt and panicked message came over the PA from the pilot,' he said. He goes on to say that there were a number of 'worried faces' among the flight attendants who he saw with a oxygen cylinders and said the plane was soon heading back to Heathrow 'at great speed'. The passengers were greeted at Terminal 5 shortly after take-off by paramedics and fire crews The passengers were greeted at Terminal 5 shortly after take-off by paramedics and fire crews The plane, an Airbus A321, was heading to Glasgow when both pilots reported feeling unwell Cabin crew then announced they were experiecing technical difficulties but the passenger added they were greeted by fire crews, paramedics and engineers on landing. 'Still being fed the tech fault line but the first on board were paramedics?? 'It later transpires that both pilots became lightheaded/dizzy/unwell at the same time, in my book that's serious,' he said. Air accident investigators will now be examining what caused the pilots to become ill at the same time during the flight. A spokesman for BA confirmed that both pilots had become 'unwell' and followed procedures by donning oxygen masks and returning to Heathrow. 'The pilots reported feeling light headed so, as a precaution and following normal procedure, put on their oxygen masks,' she said. 'Our pilots are highly trained to deal with such circumstances. The aircraft landed safely and customers continued their journey after a short delay.' Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2083895/BA-passenger-jet-makes-emergency-landing-pilots-pass-controls.html
  9. may be more fee scrap will incur in future as now he understand what his customer is facing
  10. sometimes airport are flooded not only with travelers but also relatives/friend that come to send off..
  11. isnt that LCCT is MAHB property and putting up unrelated posters considered vandalism.. i wonder if he would just leave posters pasted in his aircraft..
  12. Breach of CCF?? KEADILAN refers to a Reuter’s report on Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes’s move to set up a full premium airline to compete on regional routes. The report quotes that the new airline called Caterham Jet shall operate from Subang to service the Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore routes (among others). With this latest development, the relevance and usefulness of the much criticised Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) signed between MAS and AirAsia becomes more questionable. The cornerstone of the CCF is MAS and AirAsia’s commitment to stay in their niche markets (full premium service and no-frills respectively) in order not to commercially weaken each other by avoiding a direct competition. I therefore question whether the latest move by Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes to set up a full premium airline is in breach of the CCF he signed on behalf of Air Asia? The following questions with regards to the CCF should be clarified immediately by Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes and Khazanah Berhad: Does the CCF prohibit Air Asia or its owner (Dato’ Seri Tony Fernandes) to operate a full premium airline that serves the same route as MAS; in order to leverage Air Asia and MAS’ strength in the no-frills and full premium markets respectively; Does Caterham Jet serve the same routes as MAS and therefore becomes the latter’s direct competitor, thus obliterating the usefulness of the CCF? The CCF has caused much discomfort to the staff of MAS who feel they were left out in the decision making process in spite of the staunch support given to the various Business Transformation Programs previously rolled out by the management. The setting up of Caterham Jet confirms our argument that the CCF does not guarantee a mutually beneficial commercial arrangement between MAS and Air Asia’s owners that eventually will short-change the public due to the cartel created between the two. MOHD RAFIZI RAMLI DIRECTOR OF STRATEGY 9 NOVEMBER 2011
  13. @tony First 7 malaysians to send me an tweet after the final and 8 either french or kiwis living in malaysia after the final with their email will get a free return flight. Azran will do special world cup promotion for other 85 seats.
  14. Azran on Twitter cant find clue over google.. any idea??
  15. why cant they simply capture the market using the existing airline instead of creating a new one?? is it more efficient that way??
  16. whats the reason airlines having a different entity handling regional destination??
  17. MAS 33 PEN KUL, 13 Jan 1992 on DC10
  18. is there any possible way for me to join as volunteer capt??
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