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  1. I hope so too. The narrow passage is horrible during peak time.
  2. Hi everyone, Does anyone having an issue with Enrich redemption payment recently. I have not been able to make payment for my booking since last week using Enrich member page. The page kept giving "the system is unable to apply the selected forms of payments error' once credit card details have been entered and approved by the bank. Called customer service last week and they acknowledged the issue and was advice to change browser. I did but error persists. Tried again yesterday same issue. Called customer service and again acknowledged the problem and said it should be sorted soon. Tried this morning and problem persists. I find the time it takes for MH to solve this problem is unacceptable. I am still unable to book my tickets which is deeply annoying. Writing officially to MH won't help much usually so perhaps can someone share what is going here?
  3. I cannot confirm but I suspected as much. Called the call centre yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. The call was answered promptly and the customer service rep was very efficient, polite and swift. Never had such experience with MH before. I suspected that they have outsourced the call centre operation because the experience was almost similar to the one I had with BA a couple of weeks ago. The English used was very good and I have no issue understanding the accent whatsoever. Gave them maximum points during the survey at the end. Way to go MH!
  4. I am not sure if this is a good PR material. I agree the campaign's concept is too SQish. Perhaps MH needs to get away from that and get a new direction. Given the current mood of the country, the Malaysian Hospitality campaign may not be the best. I don't really feel the connection. Time has change. Malaysian hospitality is good perhaps 20 years ago. Also the "place your right hand above your heart, smile, bow slightly and utter a greeting" is not organic to me. To recap, the gesture was originally introduced in the 1990's by former Tourism Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir and subsequent Ministers had to revive it as it was new and has never been part of our culture.I mean how often do you see people on the street giving the gesture? MH need to be current and really find their identity in these changing environment I think.
  5. What have MH got to loose to open those seats to those crazy aviation geeks/enthusiasts/fanatics out there? Social media is king these days and they can simply use the opportunities to their advantage. EK and SQ fully embrace these groups when launching their new product. Whatever MH reason is, it is a missed opportunities indeed.
  6. Ha ha ha I though I was hallucinating all this while.
  7. Will the news also spells the end to the suppose-to-be premium economy seats in their A330? What will happen to the seats?
  8. I don't like it. I have the strong feeling that the Negaraku branding is too strong and overshadowing MAB. This the the much anticipated aircraft and the major milestone in MAB turnaround and I think they should focus on their branding alone.
  9. .. and the annoying shops and kiosks blocking the way
  10. Perhaps putting a net (ala KL Bird's park) can solve the issue?
  11. The additional stores are really annoying as you have to squeeze yourself into narrow lanes. What were they thinking? Also the toilets in KLIA are a nightmare. Utterly disgusting and says a lot about us Malaysians.
  12. Saw that too and was shocked. Thought the forest has always been their jewel in the crown. Hope someone can shed some lights on why they have to trim all the "forest"
  13. I recently traveled from KUL to KBR with 2 stewardess in economy. They frantically tried to serve everyone as soon as the seatbelt sign is off. I could almost see one of the crew frantically throwing the juice to pax like the plane was one minute to touchdown. The juice was also taken from a card box put in the trolley (Very classy. I feel in am in an interstate express bus). Then the crew came with garbage bag then they disappear. Way to go MH. You have just put yourself below AK.
  14. God forbids. Have you seen the condition of their A380 lately?
  15. "We"? Apparently some people feel that they know better how to run an airline.
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