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  1. maybe they change to "Spending beyond expectation" ??
  2. haha.... maybe they scare u all guys will ask and ask the same Qs again.... WHEN WILL WE GET THE RESULT ??? i think they are tired of answering this Qs ... But i waited 4 months before they call me up for the interview.... For those fast-thinkers...., you are already 80% into the final interview. maybe its time to prepare for the final interview now..... Wow.......
  3. Hey guys, i had called up APFT, the guy told me its Rm195 k, all-in-one package, PPL, CPL ,f ATPL, Diploma in Aviation ???? what's that ?? i asked them if its possible to take CPL to ATPL only..., they say cannot The HMA can ler..., they told me is intergrated one....,but without the diploma la, iz the diploma important ????? anyone studying in HMA, can give us a better view ?
  4. Rm 180 k to be exact...., this is the total sum including test fees, accomodation , food........ any place still offer rm160 ??/ let me know bro.
  5. hey does anyone know if MAS is taking in private students ??? cheers
  6. Hey guys.... many aviation accident recently, another 80 ppl died when iranian airliner burst into flames....
  7. I had my interview on July, but failed it ...... Is MAS having cadet selection at this moment ?? I think they are slowly stopping the cadet pilot scheme for the time being.....am i right?? If no, i would send in my resume again immediately, although i know it must be 1 year before they call me up, but, i send in my resume around this time last year.... any advice ? hehe, MUST GET THE CADET OR BE A PILOT !!!!
  8. haha...., this tread is becoming more like a TARC forum..... I am now taking Adv Diploma in Engineering(Materials)...., now only waiting to pass 2 more papers to complete..., but not planning to go UK, coz save some money maybe to join as private student in flying school. Guys, need your advice on this, which bank will provide a 'suitable' loan.... tried to find many of it already... EPF maybe is an option... Guys who are studying private, how u get the fund ??? parents ?? need help on this one Have you guys read the newspaper today .... 42 Chinese ladies passed the interview with MAS as stewardess, their interviews was on Jan 2005, but recently, after 17 months of waiting, MAS rejected them !!!!!!!!!!!! Some of them had given up their studies just to be ready to join MAS.... now MAS just tell them that they dun need them anymore.... pity them.... "Brought up to the sky by MAS, left free falling by whoelse ..... "
  9. hey william, no worry dude, i am also only a Diploma holder only ( TAR only,Engineering ) , now studying for adv dip , i sent in my application last year, being called up for the psycho, luckily for me, i managed to pass the 2 tests and get into the final interview,but failed at it la.... so, keep on applying ... never lose hope, i am also hoping for my miracle
  10. hi walter, i sent a pm to gavin.... not sure when will he change my nick .
  11. Hey, thanks for all the advice guys, really appreciate that.... anyway, i haven't receive any rejection letter yet, so maybe still got 'slim' hope.... hey syaz, what do u mean by "This thing happened to me. Tot everything was over but hey, i was wrong. Positive outcome, of course" ??? accepted by MAS ??? already planned to study privately, this is the career i want..... but how long will they take to send me an 'official' letter =) ???
  12. OK...., if i fail my final interview, how long would they take to send me the rejection letter ?? been waiting for a month for my result on interview, i think i know what to expect....
  13. hi there meor, i think it is ok to just call me wcj, many online user called my that way. nice to know u. are u a pilot with MAS ??? i am desperately waiting for my reply for the interview...., i scared i will fail.... but they haven't send me any rejection letter. will they notify me if i fail ??? meor, how do i contact mr.gavin ??? can't find him here .....
  14. Hi there Meor, my name is Chan from KL, wcj8638 is the old car where i first drove, it has been my nick for few years now.... easier to remember(lazy me) ... my e-mail add is wcj8638@yahoo.com too...... looking fwd to know u guys cheers
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