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  1. Thanks, Yuh Loh, especially for those vapour shots.
  2. Congrats, Khaled and thank you Nabiel for the memorable pics and video.
  3. Thanks for the excellent transformation pics, Pieter. Congrats to the Royal Dutch Airlines on their 90th Anniversary. I love both the classic and the current liveries.
  4. Thanks, Iggy. Interesting liveries there. How about some smaller aircraft?
  5. Well written, Naim MAHB has missed a good opportunity to make money on AK's rapid expansion. If they had been far-sighted and worked with AK to speedily set up a suitable LCC terminal, there would have been no need to get Sime Darby into the picture. Nevertheless, I still think the huge resources (whether public or private) needed to set up the new terminal and associated infrastructure in Labu would have been better spent elsewhere IF ONLY MAHB, AK and the Government had put their heads together to upgrade the existing facilities in a visionary, carefully planned and well executed manner. But maybe there are other reasons why this is not to be.
  6. Thanks for the link and guide. Now I can see what I hear on my scanner
  7. RSFC is planning to lease an Eagle 150B from CTRM for members' use. If this happens and the aircraft is available then, I suppose we can arrange something. However the cost of the ride will be more than for a C172 seat as only one pax can ride.
  8. Thanks for the fastest Preliminary Crash Investigation Report ever to come out! Congrats Capt Nik The aircraft that crashed had problems in starting earlier. Pilot reported aircraft was not responding to his control inputs just before the crash. Fortunately no person or other property was hit by the aircraft as it was still low. Capt Amin helped out a lot in the flying activities that day and brought with him many aircraft from Subang for the static display. Thanks, Bro
  9. Congratulations, Levent, on having so many articles published so far. Will be following your writings from now on and hope you will cover the smaller and remote airports too.....maybe something like the video on Van Nuys titled "One Six Right".
  10. THF - such a historic site should be preserved. Flew in there from Gatwick on Xmas eve 1970. It was snowing heavily then. The great Berlin Airlift 1948 was one of the biggest operations to help a blockaded city.
  11. Thank you, Hakan. What an exhausting experience for you. Yes, we really appreciate what airline pilots have to go through in their simulators to keep current.
  12. Thanks, Tuan, for the Saigon report. Awaiting more details from you there.
  13. Tuan Naim Would like you to check out some reasonably cheap and comfortable hotels in good locations in UPG. Will be going there for 4 nights in April next year. Enjoy Ho Chi Min City.
  14. Capt Nik Due to something important that has cropped up, I won't be able to join you guys this Saturday but I wish the project all the success. I really want to meet the group but now even the next session looks difficult for me to attend. My apologies, Nik.
  15. Heh heh Tuan Haji, we can set up a Senior Citizens section of MWings ah? Old or young is all in the mind!!!!
  16. I tested some seats for the A330 and A340 displayed at the last LIMA by AK. Does that mean the deal is sealed?
  17. Capt Nik I would like to confirm my presence on Feb 23 as contributing photographer with my P&S camera but basically I just want to meet all the MWingers. Can I also bring a teenager along just to look around?
  18. Pieter, thanks for the inside peek into the working parts of a Queen, something I never got to see as much before. Hope you will give us more exposes of different aircraft in future.
  19. Hi Nik Can i just come to see the others enjoying themselves? I can also be a volunteer ground photographer. Just advise the date.
  20. Attan


    Hi Faizal Your friend is in a better position to gauge the aircraft cost. I also think that USD50,000 is the upper limit but Van is not indicating any price at the moment. The Rotax 912 is about USD17,000 and the kit price wil also depend on whether it is a "quick-build" or "regular" kit. In your friend's case I suspect it was a "regular" kit as he paid very little and spent a long time building it. So when are you getting yours? Maybe I can help in the construction by holding the tols for you as you work.
  21. Attan


    Hi Nik Good to see your posts often here and thanks for the updates you've been giving us. We really appreciate them. The RV12 avionics are not really the Bendix/King, Collins or Honeywell types, so they are rather cheap. Van mentioned the Dynon EFIS/engine monitor which is around USD2,400 or the AF-3500 combined EFIS/engine monitor which is around USD3,800. I was estimating the kit price including engine based on his current more powerful models. Of course we have to add in the construction cost if one does not build it oneself. The manufacturer has yet to reveal their prices.
  22. Attan


    There's one RV9 9M-EAX at SZB and probably a few RV6s somewhere in the country. However the RV12 is totally different from the rest - removable wings for trailerage, mogas powered, cockpit moved forward so that wing spar does not encroach into cabin (more legroom), fully digital panel. Fuel capacity 20 gallons which can last 3 hours 20 minutes. Cruise is 120 knots, so KUL to PEN is only 1 hour 20 minutes. http://www.vansaircraft.com/images/RV-12/p...d/RV-12e_sm.jpg http://www.vansaircraft.com/images/RV-12/1...ll_panel_sm.jpg
  23. Attan


    Yeah, taken at LIMA in 1991 or 1993 or 1995......gosh, I just can't remember. Am now skipping lunch every day so that I can save enough to buy one. Should not cost more than USD50,000.
  24. Attan


    For those who are saving to buy a kitplane, this RV12 is worth waiting for. It uses the Rotax 912 engine which is mogas-fuelled: The designer and manufacturer is of course Dick VanGrunsven who is seated behind me in this picture. In the middle front row is Australian Jon Johansson, famous for making the first round the world flight in an RV6 and later making another 2 round the world flights (one in the opposite direction) in RV6s.
  25. Name: Attan Akmar Age:60 Location: Ampang Occupation: Remisier Hobbies: Flying, Birdwatching, Astronomy and lots more Armament: Casio EX-S770
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