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  1. that's awesome... at first i really thought there is more than one. But then since when?
  2. Apparently it will come back next year,...
  3. Oi MIR, i agree with Iggy, your blurry fast looking thing, i dont know what to name it.. but hey "pening"? hahaha Yeah the co-pilot, most of the photos i have, he just spend most of his time staring at it..
  4. thanks all.. here some of mine, its ok... i just pick randoms.. 4 days in a row, i think i have at least 4k of images from this events. The japanese pilot. I cant remember his name.. others? Cheers
  5. Iggy... ah ok... i'll see you there.. and perhaps Mr.Wood will be there too? MIR, are you coming or what?
  6. Thanks MIR... errrr.... Where were you? ...... Lately?
  7. Some from me fellas. its ok... nothing much from the other side. weather behaved very well today (sarcastically) errmm.... btw, i'll be on South Perth side tomorrow. So how we go. p/s the one with roulette on the background? when was that?
  8. May i ask? Why Singapore a/f name as RSAF? isnt that Royal Singapore Airforce? So where's the royalty came from? dont you think it suppose to be SAF instead? correct me if i'm wrong. I'm just curious. Couldnt keep this question playing in me head, that's all.
  9. Greg, Greg, what can i say... lucky man.. I like your dusk and rough clouds photos.
  10. Wow Greg, WHATTTAAA JOURNEY!!!??? 7 hrs? temperature on that day? its a shame for those abondon a/c.... i wonder if someone interested looking after it.
  11. First off, Thanks to Greg Wood and MIR for the info of this special occasion. Arrived around 10:30am It was great to see such a spontaneous events. Some from me. Added to my aircraft photo collections. YES! For RC Fans. F15-Eagle FA 18 Hornet Spy Plane? Cheers! Min
  12. Missed it! err.. thanks MIR for letting me know.. ah welll... nex time.. eh.. hope you enjoy your stay in Perth
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