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  1. Yukihiro San Love that pic. Yoku Irassyaimashita.
  2. Radzi Can only comment on the mee soup - it's tasteless.
  3. Paid RM12.00 for that mee soup plus unlimited refills on any soft drink.
  4. Attan


    Thanks, Fairul.
  5. At the LCC there are only 3 food outlets - Coffee Bean, Macdonald's and an Asian Food outlet owned by a well-connected company. The last-mentioned outlet had a big problem with flies: Had the mee soup which had no taste at all - good for health, I suppose. Road signs still not sufficient and those already there not ideally located.
  6. I voted MD and etc. which to be specific is the MD-80. I've been inside one AS A PAX but many pilots reported liking the plane for its handling characteristics.
  7. Trust Azahan to catch Jonathan at the best moments This topic brought me the most laughs...what a riot! My Tamron 70-300 lens (I'm not referring to anything else, ok?) is too short I think and my scanner not so sharp lah So forgive the quality but I'm happy with the practice I'm getting. Even if I wasn't shooting, it was fun to be around the masters.
  8. Cute and chubby! I love that A318.
  9. Alamak TK, lovely shots all of them. You make me long for VTSP lah.
  10. Seth, it was LAX-SIN on SQ originally but because the incoming connection was delayed, she tried LAX-BKK-SIN on TG. It was TG which insisted on a physical ticket if she wanted to convert from her SQ e-ticket.
  11. Attan


    Is this bus below a Sentral - KLIA or Sentral - LCCT shuttle? and is this the MTB - LCCT shuttle? Glad if someone can help identify them
  12. Photobucket has darkened the earlier photos and also reduced the size of a few of them, so I'm trying out ImageShack. Here are the additional pics.... RR TRENT ENGINE FOR A380 CFM56 ENGINE FOR B737 PC21 TRAINER RAYTHEON PREMIER RAYTHEON T6 TEXAN 2
  13. Brahim Gunung Pulai is just beside WMKJ and is about 1,000ft. The airport can't be seen if you approach it from the northwest (Benut) and in poor visibility it's best to avoid that approach.
  14. Thanks for the wonderful time, guys. Really enjoyed it...and now the shots are coming in bit by bit....love that smokey scene by Jon!
  15. Might as well share these with you guys... Some of the pics were taken using my handphone as my camera batteries went flat and I couldn't buy any until I borrowed someone else's batterries later. By that time the A380 demo flight was over COMPARING AIRBUS WITH BOEING A CHINESE TRANSPORT G450 GLOBAL EXPRESS ....more to come
  16. Love those unusual angles which only TK can get I guess.
  17. Looks like we can produce a coffee table book from what TK and Pieter has put up already. Go go go guys!
  18. Latest news and rumours in aviation circles, Comments on Government's, airport authorities', DCA's and airlines' operations and plans relating to aviation, Pilots' and passengers' reports on interesting flights, Pictures, videos and sounds of aircraft recorded by members.
  19. Depreciation is usually heavier on the P&L than leasing especially for aircraft and during the initial year. That will prolong the return to profit. Tax-wise depreciation is better as it can be used to reduce profit and therefore taxes. However no profit is expected during the initial years, so there'll be no tax benefit for buying and depreciating the aircraft but instead it will take longer to get back into the black compared to leasing.
  20. Yes, they have to....and vice-versa.
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