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  1. I've been on multiple FR 1p flights. Bought 20 flight tickets for 20p (tax everything included). Got bored after flight #11. It's an order of a magnitude more expensive getting a taxi or bus to the airport than the flight itself! Don't check in bags, don't buy stuff on board, don't call them. Simple.
  2. Not under the flag but the word 'Malaysia' exists on both MH and Pelangi's liveries.
  3. Sorry Sandeep, I was replying to Kenneth T's statement: I should have quoted it earlier, but you're right, whichever manufacturer who can provide the better deal should get it. It's just at the moment, it is in favour of Airbus it seems.
  4. Cancel the A380 and order the B747-8i just because the A380 is ugly in your eyes? Don't be ridiculous. Why would MAS want to do that and lose their delay compensations? And to order a plane such as the B747-8i which no airline wants is even more laughable. I'm not surprised if the B747-8i program is cancelled altogether. I see MAS's widebody fleet will swing towards Airbus with or without the A380. If there's a huge huge discount, why not? Planes are there to make money, not to look pretty.
  5. I won't be able to make it on the 23rd unfortunately
  6. If I'm in town, count me in!
  7. This is the UK Daily Mail we're reading here... fairly typical of them to emphasise sensational news.
  8. Isn't the baggage handling system that's at fault here instead of the design of a satellite terminal?
  9. Got to need more than 8 A380s for 7 times daily
  10. I disagree with this. If the airport is big enough, a singular terminal will result in very long walks. Try connecting planes when their gates end up from one extreme end to the other! I rather have a train to take me there.
  11. There's a parachute. But it still can land without one.
  12. Now for the 747 prototype, City of Everett. She's currently at the Museum of Flight on Boeing Field, Seattle, Washington. "First Flight February 9 , 1969"
  13. The Smithsonian! Got to visit it one day. I was in Seattle's Museum of Flight a couple of weeks ago, and here's Tex Johnson's helmet and boots used during that infamous barrel roll: Naim do you mind if I post some pics from Seattle in this thread? Seems fitting...
  14. That project has always been a disaster to start with. I'm against the development of this airport and I seriously hope it never takes off! It's not surprising the environmental impact is substantial. They're proposing to build the runway right on a rich coral reef just off Kampung Paya... absolutely unbelievable. That reef (and most others around the island) has already been suffering from bleaching and they want to completely destroy it? That's one of the main reasons people visit the island for goodness sake! To still claim Tioman is one of the top 10 most beautiful island is just laughable if they continue to rape the island with eyesores. There's already enough damage done with the current airstrip and golf course. Not to mention abandoned projects littered around the island. Leave Tioman alone, it doesn't need more irresponsible tourists , it's not sustainable.
  15. From what I've heard (might be a urban legend though), Airbus initially designed the A380 without any thrust reverser at all... until the FAA requested them to do so. Due to its enormous wings, the A380 has a lower take-off and landing speed than other comparable widebodies, hence less braking power is required. Remember the A380 has a slow approach speed equal to that of the A320! I'm guessing maintenance of the extra 2 reversers would also be an issue, plus some weight savings as well. It makes sense if the engineers determined they're not needed.
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