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  1. Sorry - this may be a bit off topic. I am just wondering about A333 to Auckland with capacity restrictions. TK also uses A333 between KUL and IST, and I think both city pairs of KUL-AKL and KUL-IST are about the same distance. Is this due to weather conditions, or other factors? Pardon my ignorance for raising this.
  2. According to their website, the lowest category is silver! I also had my silver card, but zero miles even after flying them a few times.
  3. Wow. If JetBlue could do this for a narrow body, imagine what it could be if this is also installed for MAB/s B738, especially those that are used to fly more than 3 hrs? Just dreaming lah ....
  4. I wonder, if this is the case, who then is responsible for the damage? MAB? or Melbourne airport? or ?? Just curious
  5. If the A350 hard products are the same as the A330, then it will never be on par with Etihad or SIA. I'm not sure it is MAB's business model to outdo them, maybe I am wrong here.
  6. I just took Firefly flight from Pen to SZB. The plane was rather filthy too - the stains on the tray, the dust around the seats, the dirty finger prints on the overhead bins, stains at the window pane, and the list goes on. The leather seats are showing it's age too. It really looked like a 20 year old plane. I think the oldest plane in Firefly fleet is like 7 years?
  7. Recently I flew A380 from LHR-KUL. You can see a thick layer of dust on the bins above. Coffee stains on the tray. So I imagine cleaning would have been done in Heathrow too. Does it mean that both cleaning in LHR and KUL were equally bad? Or something in the cleaning contract that stipulated only minimal cleaning only be done at LHR?
  8. Wow! Now this is a real beauty . So will we have the "golden" services? I still remember the tagline, 'We'll treat you like gold"
  9. Their wood laminated furnishing makes the seats look a bit classier
  10. I think those without IFE are the leased aircrafts or ex Firefly (if there are still in use?) - maybe non BSI. Not sure if I am right, as I think I have taken some of those planes before.
  11. From the website: VISION of BAYU AIR is to become an Airline with exceptional of personal touch, efficient reliable and meet with passengers’ needs. Our standard of English has deteriorated so much.
  12. Looks like it was flown by Air Asia before.
  13. Now we have 1.5 million bangaladeshi coming over 3 years time - that means 500,000 per year, that means1,370 per day. That would warrant 3 daily flights for A380, and that would give a load of 91% So tak payah jual A380, pakai for charter to transport the migrant workers
  14. Is it that easy to sabotage a plane, since security would be high? I dunno, but it does seem that this is an easy excuse? I could be wrong here.
  15. Same issues with me. To work around this, I use Chrome or Firefox, and I have no problem printing the boarding pass. I guess the issue is with safari.
  16. In the past, I don't mind taking LRT or get someone to drop me at Sentral so that I could catch KLIA Express to the airport. Now, I might as well take a taxi to the airport, and it is just that bit extra after factoring in the LRT ride.
  17. Agreed! Perhaps the headscaft could be optional? I thought the kebaya always stand out among other uniform. Maybe a change of colour tone, motif, design if that is necessary - but STICK TO THE KEBAYA!
  18. Might as well merge with Firefly and concentrate on domestic routes
  19. 2015: Malaysia Airlines: B738, A380, A333, B777 Firefly: AT72-500/600 Air Asia: A320 Malindo: AT72-600, B738, B739 Qantas: A330 Emirates: A380, A330, B777 Ryanair: B738 Turkish: A330, B738 Aegean: A320 Wish for 2016: B787 and A350 Happy new year
  20. I took 2 return flights recently between KUL and LHR. The flights were longer than normal - departing on time, and arriving about 45min to 1 hour late on all these flgihts. On one flight, there was a rather detailed announcement on the flight route, mentioning the total distance flown, amount of fuel consumed, total weight of the aircraft, the altitude, number of countries flown over, etc! First time I heard such announcement!
  21. Not sure about the load for Paris. I just flew LHR-KUL a week ago, and we only have about 160 pax in a A380. I won't complain as I have a "flat bed" on Y class, and the all cabin crew serving the cabin politely addressed me by name! Granted that this is low season, but with such low load, I can't help feeling a bit sad for MAB.
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