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  1. I noticed from the couple of flights I took from KUL to Kuching this past two weeks, the number of cabin crew for the 737 flights have increased from the usual 4 to 5. I also noted that one of the crew must be new, as our kakak in the red kebaya was giving some helpful tips to one of the crew in serving passengers. Perhaps new crew in training? or improving service? If the latter, this is a good move. Also noticed that the food has improved as well. Way to go, MH.
  2. Love the way VA describes and market their upper class suites as solo freedom suite, solo corner suite and love suite - wish MAB can be as creative as this too.
  3. Agreed on the sharp price increase for MHupgrade. I think one might be better off just to buy a biz fare upfront. There is not much savings these days. Gone were the days where I could just bid for RM300 for an upgrade to biz on a cheap Y class fare from KL to Seoul! And I was successful.
  4. This is a great improvement. Hopefully there will be more improvements to come.
  5. Ambiance is another spelling for ambience - both are correct.
  6. I notice that in my recents flights with MH, there are more male cabin crew these days. What happened to our ladies in kebaya? Less in number? No menu distributed on my Australian flights last month - there was only one held by the cabin crew.
  7. Just did the Penang run - agreed that the plane is really quiet. Tried MHupgrade but was not successful. However noted that for both flights, the biz class was less than half full - perhaps my bid was too low! having said that, I used to get the upgrade even though I submitted the lowest bid in the past. Selected seats in the Y+ cabin for both sectors and found the extra 4-5 inches really made all the difference - I guess I won't mind paying the extra for the seats for my future LHR flights - it is worth it. I took a window seat and found getting out of the seat to the toilet did not require other pax to get up - which wass great - less disturbance for them. I checked out the normal Y seats while going to the toilet, found it to be adequate even for 31 inch pitch. Found the Y+ seat moved forward when reclined, not sure if it is the same in the normal Y seats (didn't manage to check it out). I must say it was rather comfortable with the recline, and yes, i even had a short nap. The windows were awesome and large! Overall, I could imagine that it would be a comfortable flight for long haul.
  8. The arrival is still done manually. Departure is automated, just like other terminals. There is a very nice foodcourt with great choices at very reasonable prices at T4. Had my lunch there upon arrival and a bowl of fish noodles was $4. We can't even find anything at RM12 in KLIA.
  9. Not to mention B747 as well - remembered flying in the queen a few times to HKG!
  10. wow - Seoul must be really doing well with 12 flights! Is this merely seasonal for the summer?
  11. I landed in Terminal 4 yesterday on AK flight - still rather quiet, and it was a short walk from the aerobridge to immigration - as usual - no queue at immigration and in less than 10min after disembarkation, I was out. Super efficient. Pleasant airport. I must say Changi does get lots of things right. I didn't try the check in at T4 on the return trip to KL today - took Firefly at T2, and the flight was less than half full. Wonder how Firefly is doing on the SZB-SIN sector - for the past few flights, they were about 50% load only.
  12. Just noticed that there are closed up shots of F, Y+ and Y seats but not J seats.
  13. the Y+ looks quite spacious - I am now tempted to pay more for the seats! The colour scheme looks good, I think. Can't wait to try it out for my flight to Penang
  14. I think this is perhaps the most realistic growth plan we have from MAB. It truly reflects the reality we are in. Plus, as have been said many times, MAB is nowhere near the big boys at the moment. Even SQ's growth plan for the past few years have not been that great - hardly new destinations. Better to be good at what one can do and aim towards break even or modest profits, than continuous expansion where it will further burden tax payers' money. I think we no longer have the luxury for this anymore.
  15. It looks great. It's striking, and I think the wau is finally nicely painted on the tail. I am not sure of the interior - wonder if there is any wow-factor
  16. Yesterday I was at KBR - noticed that 3 Malindo's flights to Subang were cancelled. I think this is the norm these days. I have been through many cancellations by Malindo turboprop. Therefore I wonder, why bother with multiple flights in the schedule when the business of the day is to cancel those flights that are not full? Find them to be so unreliable these days, especially if I need to choose flights based on timings. And I also wondered about their aggressive expansion .....
  17. I did a dummy booking and the first 4 rows can be chosen based on biz fare.
  18. Now it is the time to enjoy the 4 first class seats at business class fare - at least for flights to Penang. MAB is selling the 4 F seats at J fare.
  19. The photo is clearly not A380 - I think journalists need to be better educated on aircraft types
  20. I guess we just have to take the statement at face value - whether there is government interference of not, I guess only he would know. Wish Bellew all the best as he returns home, he will be deeply missed for all the good he has done. Personally, I think he has done more than CM - I find him to be really good at PR, social media, and he way he handles questions and interviews. This is where I think where the Malaysian CEOs have a bit of a way to go in handling press conferences, and media interviews.
  21. MAB lost two CEOs without completing their terms. Looks like the airline will have to embrace another change. All the best to Malaysia Airlines and whoever that will be filling the role. Would a Malaysian fill up the position, or will it be another expat? What happened to MAB website? Can't access it now. Blank page .....
  22. the aircraft in the photo looks really dirty and badly in need of a wash.
  23. ...it doesn't say Perth would get A333. I guess Perth has so many choices already - AK, OD and MH, and perhaps overcapacity? I think AK has 2 flights on some days? But seriously, MH timing is really bad for arrival - unless one has family and friends to pick up, it is not that convenient.
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