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  1. AFE & AFF both having the Wi-Fi service but none of the crew promoting it.
  2. Simmon, I think he meant Maintenance Repair and Overhaul facilities in MKZ.
  3. Aircraft involved is 9M-MXG
  4. For those who plan to visit the Malacca Airshow, please bring along rain coat or umbrella as it is raining here currently.
  5. Abit out of topic: Travelled to BKI and upon immigration clearance, received a small sheets with personal particulars etc and stated that we can't stay in East Malaysia for more than 90 days. So my question is since we are Malaysian, why this still being applied on us ?
  6. Thanks for sharing Keith. WMKK's coverage is getting better and better
  7. Thanks for the info but when she was here suddenly ?
  8. Today's paper stated that an Air Asia A320 landed at MKZ yesterday at 2.30p.m Anyone knows what is the rego ?
  9. Is 9M-AQH being based at BKI ? Saw this aircraft end of last month when i visited BKI
  10. I thought AK stick back to the old plan to send cadet to APFT for training instead of Moncton for MPL ?
  11. Source: http://www.embraer.c...0-NA-CHINA.aspx
  12. Anyone knows why China Eastern always paint their aircraft's nose in black ?
  13. Cikgu Kenneth, what is the best RETURN ticket you ever get for KUL-TPE-KUL on CI ? I tried to search for year end's ticket but couldn't.
  14. Saw a WestStar G2 approaching MKZ today afternoon.Any info about this flight?
  15. Currently they are trimming those at the place we usually spot.Hopefully they will trim those beside the ERL railway soon. I am not the one Hon Kit but we can treat them a meal so that they will chop the whole tree off
  16. Good news for Ladang spotter as they start to trim those tall oil palm tree
  17. Great shots with blue blue sky over there Btw,I saw you near lakeside today morning on my way to LCCT And, good news for Ladang spotter as they start to trim those tall oil palm tree
  18. Currently, 14L for landing and 14R for take-off
  19. You listening to WMKK ATC from home?
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