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  1. hi guys, i've sent an application form for air asia cadetship thru their website about 2 months ago. and they sent me this Dear Candidates, Please be informed that your application to be a cadet pilot with AirAsia has been recieved by us. However, due to overwhelming response, our cadetship for April is full. You will be invited for our next cadetship which is estimated to take place sometime in July later this year. Once the assessment dates are confirmed, you will be notified accordingly. Until then please be patient and look out for our email. Thank you Capt David Kalisvaran Flight Deck Recruitment Team Air Asia Malaysia i just wanted to ask, when they say cadetship, do they mean taking us in for training to become first officers, or do they want candidates who already posses their pilot's license? thanks in advance.
  2. there goes SIA. how about MAS or AA? Any chance?
  3. so i just finished my spm, and i think my life in aviation seems to be a distant dream now. but why not give it one last shot. so do u guys have any idea if there would be an opening for people like me to get a scholarship? from ANY airline in asia, doesnt matter, im desperate. been searching thru the internet and doesnt seem like i have any luck tho
  4. so, jalan pekeliling cannot spot there already? planning to go next week
  5. my mind is set on something other than aviation, but if MAS giving scholarship next year, then i'll probably take it. All the best bro! hmmm, whats the differnce between those PPL's? and can u give a rough estimate on the cost?
  6. but then again, u can fly higher, faster, further, and got ppl serve u peanuts how much do u have to pay for PPL btw? Last time i went to royal selangor flying club, if not mistaken it was 20k? im not very sure anymore, can anyone tell me?
  7. yeah, 250k and no certainty u'll get a job after rite? good to hear that! im planning to get a stable job, then get a private pilot's license. i think flying single prop planes will be good enough for me
  8. hahah, that one surely my parents dun allow. but an interesting option tho...
  9. erm, i mean, are they giving out scholarships? if they're not, then im going into a different field, i dont think i'd dare gamble a few hundred thousand and then come out of flying school with no job
  10. Im taking my SPM this year (wish me luck! ) and i was wondering if there would be any openings next year, i know chances are slim but might as well giv i t a try if theres any
  11. I think if u travel about more than 90km, u can break fast, even if its during the day...
  12. amazing shot of the fire(explosion?)
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