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  1. It sounds good as with the USB ports available,ones can bring along their own external hard disc and enjoy watching their favorite movie throughout the journey..
  2. Yeah..What a good news especially for those Malaysian who are studying in Taiwan
  3. Marvelous shots,KC.. Btw,I noticed that there is no winglet on port size of Air China B738.. You took it home??
  4. KC,thanks you for all the tarmac shots from SIN,love all of it very much More pix please
  5. Great and sharp pix,Azahan. I guest that is the Luffy that most of us missed couple weeks ago during the 4th Ann
  6. Alan,although you was 'beredarED' at wx, but hopefully you will continue to spotting at there in future
  7. Thanks you Derek for the great pix..Like Thai and CI's special livery very much
  8. Good news for all HKG spotters and those who would like to go HKG via SIA
  9. Congratulations Chaity and more pix in future ya
  10. Haha,some add-on..Especially A330 with a 'Wau' on the tail
  11. Great pix,Ah Ong..Btw,did Duckie spotted you?
  12. The LAE became a hero suddenly Wonder did he get any free tickets as reward
  13. Nice pix of the 'Left Back' Sumazau jellyfish
  14. Good catch,Waiping
  15. Sorry to hear that No matter what,they can't 'beredar' you from entering KUL
  16. Thanks you for the pix,Chaity No take-off shots?
  17. Waiping,you are welcome and it is our pleasure...
  18. Today's 1st July which is the day where D7's maiden flight into TPE and I am sure the plane is taxiing now if there is no delay. Well done D7
  19. First of all, R.I.P to all passengers and crews on-board Yemenia Flight 626 Hopefully the data recorder can be located this time
  20. Congratulations Waiping for making it to A.net
  21. There is typo,Simon.It should be Xiamen
  22. Because of the 'Bulis',most of us missed Lufthansa's B747..Maybe Ian may have captured it CX One World landed on Ah Ong's 'Kancil'
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