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  1. Nice airport overview pic, Radzi . Thanks for sharing I wanted to see some pics of VVTS in many page but very rare to see...
  2. Hi, I will answer your questions, thanks about comments .Yep, in the airport, your action to take some plane pictures is an illegality I often photograph outside the airport (spotting from Quang Trung st. - the place where you can photograph from some coffee kioskes ) . .About 777 VN-A141 pic, in the background is the new Terminal T1, it will be operated in the end of this year . Now I post 2 shots of Malaysia A330 and VNA B777 just taken this Sunday afternoon . The weather was bad but I was very happy when I took the A330 shot
  3. Some shots has been taken at Sunday afternoon (Jan 27th) . Sorry about backlit shots
  4. You will take many shots about VNA's A320s with new registration (VN-A301 -> VN-A308) All old registrations are S7-ASA -> S7-ASI
  5. Some shots are out-focus but nice Great spotting more than SGN
  6. Nice but noise in 727 pics
  7. Sure and I think you will desire to see 772 VNA
  8. Yep, very rare to see (almost nothing ) Triple Seven VNA at WMKK as 772 Malaysia landing rwy 25R VVTS/SGN (Tzewei Pang took this shot ) .
  9. Hi Attan : I tried to edit my profile correct but maybe couldn't edit my name I don't know how I get to make it . Thanks again, in the future I must complete my study at high school (the 12th grade ) So maybe I won't have more time for photograph the airplane
  10. Thanks, my Mom said me too At VVTS, night flight schedules are very few, I tried to take some few shots and you can see some VVTS night shots -A321 VNA is landing rwy 25R while approach lights of rwy 25L is flashing for 772 VNA (she was missed approach at 25R ) -772 VNA is taking off from rwy 25L : -AT7 VNA is holding short rwy 25L : -The coner of VVTS with 772 VNA (VN-A145) are parking . Yep, she have just gone around
  11. An-26s are usually landing at very low high than the glideslope <- verry impressive to see Thanks
  12. Cropping from the original image for proportion Thanks Just taken some A340 Air France shots and share all . This is the first time I see the plane take-off rwy 07R while another plane landing from rwy 25R A343 AF is rotating from rwy 07R while B772 SIN is taxiing after landed from rwy 25R :
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