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  1. Easier said than done. Currently they can't even mount 24hrs service to KUL. The earliest being 5:30am to KUL, then last flight from KUL ETA 0025. Nothing in between. Currently only the odd ones from Wuhan and Guangzhou. Not sure about the load but I've heard the Chinese prefers CZ due to timing.
  2. How is the facility in China in terms of expandability? Surely if there is a need it is better to expand the existing facility than to built at a new location?
  3. 15 years is enough for hospitals in KK to equip themselves with helipads.
  4. I think they should just name them according to airport that they fly to. Neither Libaran or Semporna has an airport.
  5. On one hand it would probably put a dent on TAED, but the school's time may be numbered, again.
  6. 9M-MWJ not only spotted a new special livery for UMS, but also a new name - SEMPORNA.
  7. Probably not recorded at all in any official documents.
  8. "Out of sight, out if mind". If they don't see you with a phone, they wouldn't know you kept it on.
  9. Rare runway 20 action today, but most importantly great weather.
  10. Waiping

    Prima Air

    Told you a lot of big deals start from mamak stall.
  11. For whatever reasons, if you don't use the satellite terminal you may not have enough gates for all flights!
  12. I m curious how did he managed to maintain the platinum status given that he usually fly private. Buy points extention?
  13. ​Double Brunei yesterday. Royal Brunei Airlines new A320 NEO V8-RBA Today another round of Atlas Cargo. Same aircraft that drop by earlier.
  14. Good for you guys with plenty of options. Took MH80/81 twice over the past 9 months. Thank God I am small built. Will do it again if the price is right.
  15. Terminal in the morning is good. Just some minor tint which is no a problem in PS. Watch out for heat haze towards noon.
  16. Syed Saddiq describes Tony Fernandes as an unsung hero https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/424326
  17. Not sure why Jin Air sent their HL8013 as LJ901 so early and departed off as LJ62. Normal schedule is LJ61 ETA 2315 LT and depart as LJ62 ETD 0030.
  18. Throwback 27/3. ESR255B EASTAR JET B738 rego HL8292. Overnight at BKI before flying to CGK the next day. Probably seen the last of it.
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