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  1. As usual....amazing coverages from you guys!Wish I was there spotting...
  2. Nice shots of the whirlybirds TK...enjoy the Nuris while it last.....
  3. Yup....noticed in my shots all 3 MiGs carry the Jalur Gemilang on their ejection seats.Nice touch.....unfortunately today the specially marked 03 did not fly,possibly a technical issue..... Oh yesss....selamat menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-55 to all Malaysians!
  4. Nice angle of the super rare UB!Only 2 in the RMAF....they are gonna be rarer soon....
  5. Very nice vids as always Tukun,sorrylah my voice 'ter commentary' too loud in ur video..hehe
  6. Yup....with a very high nose attitude at ldg,thats one of the ways the backseater/instructor can see the approach and ldg!Unique to Russian machines...btw,tks for tumpang ur pickup for the planespotting session tukun!
  7. Impressive coverage fellas!! :clapping: ...I am starting to warm up to the knew livery...cool!!
  8. Its interesting to note that our MiG 29 pilots wear French helmets and oxy mask.....wonder since when..must be a recent upgrade to some french equipments as I am pretty sure the 'speed jeans'aka g suit are also french.Cool...
  9. Cool...the Grizzly is finally in Malaysia!!
  10. Must have been doing some air to air gunnery training over at 'the rocks'just off the sea from Penang.Nice pic of the jets....
  11. On a nice touch by Emirates the operating Captain is Malaysian while the FO is an Emarati.The Captain was featured in the Star not so long ago! Good one EK!
  12. Great to see our F-5s are still flying!!Nice shots..keep em coming!!
  13. Wow!!that actually looks bad...no wonder they grounded the aircraft.Also,further testament on how BIG the A380 is!!
  14. Excellent coverage of the pristine looking TNI-AU B732 ....last saw it in Surabaya a long long time ago...
  15. Nice shots...interesting to note though,since it was shot last month,it must be really cold out there.The heatwave is deceiving.....
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