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  1. Thanks, wasn't free that day to go spotting. Will try to get more shots soon.
  2. Nose shot of the beast with its teeny nose wheel. She looks unusually long here. Kangaroo Power. So so many wheels. Taxiing away, see yah big bird.
  3. Ah yes, big Kangaroo is here, or is it Big Bird. I meant Nancy Bird Walton... Her first visit to Victoria ,so better be there to witness. Our 20 mins wait finally paid off. Spotted her on downwind for runway 34. Had to max out my zoom to confirm its her. Big White Bird. VH-OQA Angel of the Outback.
  4. When I decided to come to Australia, many thoughts came to my mind. Independence, discipline, responsibilities..... I have to admit. I'm just 50/50 only. Not so easy to move out from my family eh. Have to wash my own clothes, cook and clean my own house. Many a time, I found myself drifting off course and ended up taking a long time to find myself back on track again. Sometimes, I can be quite niau. I miss home and my family. Later in the day, I spotted a family that parked not too far from me. Such a wonderful family, spending time together for an afternoon outing. So loving eh. Motherly love, a scene that you can relate to. I always like to see, the dad picking up his kid and carry him around. I'll do that when I become one. haha. To be continued...
  5. Hi Radzi, Melbourne for holidays, good good. Well, we can meet up and go spotting together yah. Anyway there are 2 spots that I know. Both are better to go in the later part of the afternoon due to the sun's direction. They are just at the start of runway 16 and 27. Runway 16 have a carpark which is pretty obvious as you can see with one of my picture earlier, and runway 27 is just behind the barriers along the road by the approach lightings. You can just drive down there and park your car. Just drive northwards from the freeway towards Sunbury, and you will pass by the spots I've just mentioned. You won't miss them as there will be other spotters too. Cheers Leonard, This is a Rex Saab 340 Qantas 73 To be continued...
  6. Radzi, Not sure about the Vewing area in the International Terminal as I didn't manage to find one. If anyone knew, pls let us know. If there is, I would say morning would be a good time, due to the Sun rising from the East. (better for phototaking). Anyway, the heat is pretty dreadful now, so another reason to choose the cooler morning. Cheers, Leonard
  7. Being the youngest of the family, I was always well doted. Not that I'm very cute, but thats just the way life is... Don't ask me why, I'm not a Dad yet. Until then, I can't answer it. I come from a family of four and have an elder sister. Well, although we are brought up in the same house, we had our differences. But she is still the best sister in the world. When I was busy preparing for the arrival of a Qantaslink Dash 8. I spotted some Deja vu. When you see the picure below you will understand. Today was rather busy, as you can see, a Virgin Blue 738 was queueing behind. I still haven't had the chance to take three in a row. This is one of my favourite shots as it is close enough to almost see who is flying. Well, almost. After having a close look at the rudder. I noticed 2 hooks on both sides, If any of you guys know. Please leave a message. Thanks. To be continued
  8. The location I took the photos is just at the top of YMML runway 16. They have actually made a carpark for aircraft viewing and even erected a sign to indicate. Its pretty obvious once you get there as there is a circle junction beside it. (Walter Sim) With V8 supercars in the the arsenal of Australia Police force, you can forget about escaping. That day was particularly hot. Hot? Aiyo, South East Asia sama sama. Used to it liao, but of course in every situation, there are ways to make money. This guy very lucky, almost everyone give him some money in exhange for an ice cold drink or ice cream. For me, I asked for Milo Bing, and he said "hey". For us, we usually goes "huh". Anyway, I decided to do him a favour by advertising his van here. As we were busy cooling ourselves down. A Virgin came along. Wah, where got chio bu? Up in the sky lah. This is a Virgin Blue 737 800, I especially like the winglets. I love to see the approach at this angle, due to the nose profile. Try drawing the nose of the plane in this view, quite challenging ah? With this shot, you can tell that its in the late afternoon as the sun is setting in the west. Didn't notice it right? To be continued...
  9. Emptying my SD cards, recharging my batteries, cleaning my lens... These are the stuff I did not do before making my long trip up north to Tullamarine for spotting. Instead I was busy vacuuming and mopping my house after having fish & chips. Yes, fish & chips, such an aussie dish. I still miss my Satay and Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice back home. Arm with a Panasonic DMC FZ-8 and 10gb of memory. I drove up with 3 other enthusiast, actually one of them prefer to watch a Japanese drama called Good Luck instead of going. He claimed that the show made him decide to choose a career as a pilot. Sounds funny right, but the worst I heard was because of his gf. The journey was long and restricted, by restricted I meant by the traffic laws over here. There are many speed cameras and unmanned speed camera everywhere. And since everyone here follow the rules, it produce a convoy effect and of course the fine here are exceptionally high. So which means I have to adhere to the speed limit which is usually a (female cat) speed of 60km/h. Think most of those in Malaysia would find it so hard to accept. Today the wind was southerly, so most planes are using runway 16. It was a perfect spot as there is a viewing carpark just before the runway. This is a Qantas 767-336ER, have always love the white body and red tail of Qantas. The Colour reminds me of Indonesia, Singapore and Monaco. Hmm, this made me think of the food there, it is so slurpingly delicious. Bagus. The Kangaroos, aiyo... hard to see here except in Zoo, on the road(road killed) or on the tail lor. As it approaches, you will notice that the Kruger flaps are lowered. Some people love to sit by the window next to the wings so they can observe the ailerons, flaps and spoilers in action. For me, I prefer the aisle seat, not that I want to be closer to the cabin crew or have bladder problem. But I get butt aches from long haul, so its more convenient with an aisle seat right.. See I'm so considerate. You must understand that my camera is only semi pro... cause, I'm still not proficient enough for a DSLR, and also I don't have the capital to purchase a telephoto lens. As for now, you must forgive me for the slightly noisy pictures and not crisp images. I always love planes making approaches, be it Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, McDonnell Douglas, Cessna and everything with wings. To be continued.
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