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  1. To be fair, this allows you to maximize your time outside the gate area (be it at the lounge or restaurant, or duty free shops). Just show up at the gate 5 minutes before scheduled closing time to clear security and you’ll be good. But of course if everyone does this, then our flights will all be delayed like MH 🌝 You are forgetting arriving international pax. The area at the current customs checkpoint (which is absolutely useless, all they do is chat with each other and not even look at the screens) is too small for a centralized security check. Queues during peak hour will go all the way beyond immigration.
  2. Seems like another day of cancelations and delays for MH just as the school holidays is about to begin. 2 BKK, 1 SGN, SIN, DPS flights already delayed before the day begin, a few canceled/severely delayed domestic (KBR, PEN, BKI, KCH) Schedule padding. Something MH lacks. Quite a few MH flights are scheduled for the most optimistic operations, perfect weather, crew on time, aircraft turned around without delays.
  3. They can never change this now. At least without major modifications, like building another level for arriving pax or bussing all arriving pax to a centralized area for processing.
  4. I read. This is in addition to the Sendai and Sapporo-Chitose charters. It’s not a great combo with a few aircraft on the ground during one of the busiest travel periods of the year. I can’t imagine it being pleasant for both staff and pax. One is overworked and underpaid whilst the other is keeping their fingers cross for no delays. Not a problem if they turn around a bit slower than other stations but schedule has to reflect that. Sometimes MH schedules an overtly optimistic turnaround for their planes. And that’s one of the reasons I never take MH781 back from BKK. First it’s borderline close to the last train service from KUL. Any delays (which happens more often than not for MH780/781) will make me miss the last train. And secondly, MH781 has a terrible OTP. MH 775 is my preferred evening option. Relatively on time and just in time before the CX lounge closes for the day.
  5. It was all 737s to BKK on the 11th. None of the flights were combined on that day. There are a few times when the delay doesn’t really make sense. The plane is sitting on the ground. But an advanced delay is posted. It could be for connections but to delay 3-5 hours for connections seem odd for short and frequent flights to BKK/SIN. Or else it could be for crew 🌝 And like you mention, a few times where you already know that turnaround aircraft isn’t meant to be for a normal schedule. So 5 wide-body on the ground including an unplanned MTN. 5 out of 28. That’s almost 18% of widebody AOG 🫠
  6. MH operations is still in shambles 🫠 MH149 to MEL diverted to CGK on 08DEC. 9M-MTO left for MEL late. Departed at 01:21, turned around in Timor Sea and arrived CGK at 04:57. Departed CGK at 07:39 and arrived back at KUL at 10:22. 10 hours flight to nowhere. MTO departed for TPE later at 14:12. And many other 737s and 330s delays. It seems like only 350s are reliable nowadays.
  7. Thai is highly optimistic of the future 😅. This potential order might even be larger than SQ's 350/787 fleet combined. MH doesn't need to be like Thai when it comes to aircraft order, but maybe also don't wait till the planes are near the end of life before deciding. Or if they are planning to use their frames for more than 10 years, maintain it properly like CX. 4-5 out of 28 wide-body sitting in the hangar for maintenance isn't ideal.
  8. My apologies. I think i have it wrong. I think it was: MH90/91: KUL-DXB/ARN-EWR MH92/93: KUL-NRT-LAX MH94/95: KUL-TPE-LAX (MEX too?) MH98/99: KUL-TPE-YVR
  9. More importantly, if the plan comes to fruition, it's connected to the ECRL. Why people want to fly KUL-KUA (other than connections) is beyond me when the train is expected to take 2 hours or so. PEN/SIN-KUA might still be served and sounds reasonable but to build a whole new airport for it seems a waste of money. Would be much better if they spend the money on improving existing infrastructure around the country instead of building 2 new airports.
  10. I saw maybe 4 or 5 wide body sitting in MH's hangar this morning. Seems like they are really short on aircraft. MH52 and 66 departed early this morning to KIX/ICN respectively where as MH 715 to DPS (A333) has been canceled for the past few days. MH 52 used the A333 from BOM (MH195) where as MH 66 used MH 140 from SYD. And it appears that most India 737 arrivals are parked at the C gates now - are there short of available bays in the morning at the G/H gates or is it due to ease of beyond connections for India flights (mostly going to Australia and DPS)?
  11. Miss the good 'ol MH 6 (FRA), 10 (VIE), 16 (AMS), 20 (CDG), 30 (IST), 94 (TPE-LAX), 98 (DXB-EWR), 201 (JNB-CPT-EZE), and 203 (JNB-CPT).
  12. How many people actually fly to KUA? There maybe an occasional flight from PEN, SIN but that's about it? I'd take a guess that MH's KUL-KUA are mostly connecting pax?
  13. I thought the 350s weren't planned for AKL? Seeing how MH hasn't announced any new long-haul flights for Summer 2024, I guess it's safe to assume that they won't be launching new European destinations in 2024. I guess 9M-MAB-G will work for LHR and the rare AKL swap. Question is, if they have to swap one of the frames out, how will they handle passenger downgrades from F to J. I think most people care about the seat more than the second meal. Seat is visual where as meal isn't as visual when you look for comfort. But of course, MH being an Asian airline serves a full second meal for flights >10h. Now that you mention it, I don't recall being served a second hot meal on SK flights. It was usually some cold cuts or sandwich (which in their defense was quite good). Their eastbound redeye usually consist of a hot meal after take off and a continental breakfast or some eggs dish were offered prior to landing. SK flights rarely exceed 10 hours - their longest flight is probably LAX/SFO/TYO. I do recall seeing crew sitting in Economy for take off/landing/rest, but I am not 100% positive if it was SK.
  14. Never thought I'd read Aussie consumers and savvy in the same sentence. I can't imagine MNL/CGK being high yield. Have you seen PR's prices between KUL and Australia? Their business fares are comparable to a mid class BK economy on MH. Condor won't do KUL much good. They need a feed. Condor doesn't have many EU connections beyond FRA other than leisure destinations. Unless they want to target ex-DE market, partners up with MH and use MH for beyond connections at KUL. One of the reasons LH didn't succeed back then was lack of beyond connections at KUL (you get a handful domestic Malaysia) and rather dated aircraft (343/346) and product. They have 789s coming - those might workout better for them.
  15. Hopefully. There are a few of them at the National Art Gallery (Balai Seni Negara). Alaska Airlines incorporate their indigenous art on their planes too.
  16. QF just need 1 wide body for SYD/MEL-KUL. Or maybe 0.6 A223 for PER-KUL. There are a lot of Malaysians/ex-Malaysians living in Australia that make their way back to Malaysia. If they are traveling with young children, none of them will be flying via SIN. MH and D7 and to a certain extent, OD have that market. I don't know if there are a lot of corporate travel from Aussie companies to KL, but if there are, MH handles the lion share of that. Australia ETA is much easier now. About a week to get it approved and most of the time, it's instant if you've previously applied under the new system (via an app) and entered/left Australia. I don't think Petronas wants to get sanctioned by US. They won't be able to have any operations/business in the US. Think of all the downstream too, not just your everyday petrol/diesel etc. From what was reported, it seems like ANZ enjoys premium yield for MH. I don't know if it's the same for D7. But apparently premium yield for MH is not sufficient enough for QF. Demand has always been there. We are almost always maxing out on the seat capacity for our Australia flights. But I assume the competition to entry is quite high for QF - they have to fight MH for premium traffic, D7 for the cheap tickets, and OD - no idea what OD target market is.
  17. Thank you. I understand they want to be patriotic but it's a bit odd that they have so many non-standardized livery (worst was probably the A380 blue). The flag is a bit too in your face for my taste. I think the swoosh livery is simple and nice. If they really want to do Negaraku, maybe remove the crescent moon and star. I think just the red stripes and blue is fine. Or better yet, incorporate our indigenous art into their livery like what Qantas is doing (tail remains the same tho).
  18. Is the "Negaraku" livery the standard livery going forward? MVD is painted in that livery too.
  19. KU quietly suspended KUL at the beginning of winter 2023 schedule (late Oct). I just find it a bit insulting that QF serves MNL, CGK, BKK, SIN, DPS but not KUL. Is the cut that deep?
  20. RJ's 787 is sitting on the ground at BKK if they aren't flying onwards to HKG. KU already pulled out. Much higher chance for BA/LH than AF to return. AF is happy sending their pax via AMS/SIN.
  21. I am sure we had/still have Tehran and Baghdad a few years ago. Amman was stopped during covid. We also used to have Beirut and Sa'naa 🤣
  22. I think MH is surprised by the overwhelming response to ATQ. They are doubling the flights to 4x weekly beginning mid-January. Most of their original scheduled 2x weekly flights are zeroed out in Y or only Y BK is available for sale (plus a handful of business). New schedule isn't ideal. It follows the later departure AMD schedule. They've got to use better planes for this 5:50, 2650+ mile journey! I am curious if they have a lot of weight restrictions on this flight between now and February. MH206 KUL2300 - 0220+1ATQ 15 73H MH207 ATQ0320 - 1145KUL 26 73H India visa done pre-arrival is easy. Same format as Chinese visa except way less questions and doesn't require you to name and provide every detail of your day care school and later and list all jobs. No fingerprints required at the embassy. Almost auto-approval within 24 hours. If I have to guess, maybe it's like what Thai do when you enter Ko Lipe from Langkawi. They don't want you to run around the island before they can process your admission.
  23. Maybe SAW might work them, maybe it won't. TK is flying twice daily and they are now dumping fares for KUL-IST (never in recent years, it's always cheaper to fly beyond to Europe and a stopover in IST instead of terminating in IST). And not only that, they are using 77W twice daily. Very odd to compete with each other since TK and OD code-shares between KUL-IST and beyond at both stations. TK doesn't operate out of SAW, so OD pax are either terminating at SAW (long trek to Istanbul city) or they have to self transfer to Andalou or Pegasus. Good luck with PVG. MH can't even maintain 1 daily A333 over winter and it appears that OD's flight is not even listed on the GDS anymore. Not sure how the visa free for Chinese and Indian tourists is going to help our 3 carriers tho. Both citizens can get a Malaysian e-visa pretty easily nowadays. Just like Malaysians applying for a Chinese/Indian visa, it's troublesome but it's almost guaranteed anyone will get it unless you have some are/were a journalist for example. Thailand's visa free for Chinese tourists have been lackluster so far. Doesn't help that there are few incidents of kidnapping around Thailand and trafficked over to Cambodia and Myanmar.
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