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  1. That's a populist move and I agree that they shouldn't have removed the GST. It's a more progressive tax system. Companies and employees have already invested so much time and money into it and with one stroke of a pen (not literally), it's back to SST. But it's resonated well with Malaysia's general population - they want first world amenities but not the taxes associated with it. There is no way for sure, but at least their consumption tax revenue won't be halved (I mean it's not like BN handed over PH a nice clean sheet either). What new charges? The RM10 (for 4* hotels and up) tourist tax per night? The departure levy is not even ratified yet so I doubt it has any effects on tourist numbers. You seem to think that taxes are always a deterrent for tourists. I would say visa fees and barriers to entry are probably higher on their list. Most passengers do not see the tax breakdown of their air tickets. Thailand, Germany, UK, Mexico, US, and France are one of the most visited countries in the world but their taxes are way higher than Malaysia's. UK's VAT rate is 20% but that doesn't seem to stop Malaysians from visiting the UK. Likewise for Australia where the departure tax is >$100 AUD. US/Canada is worse. The price you see in most states and provinces doesn't even include the state/provincial plus local tax (as opposed to all-in prices in Europe/AU). For example, in California, if you see a consumer good that cost USD $100, you'd have to pay at least USD $109.50 because of the 9.5% state tax. But if you ask what about countries who are more like Malaysia; how about Philippines? Departure tax of $35USD and PSC of $17USD at MNL. Thailand's PSC is 700THB (~RM95). Vietnam and Myanmar's PSC is USD$20 (~RM 83) and all of them don't have ASEAN rate. How about Mexico? They charge every visitor (regardless if you are there for business), it is only exempted for Mexican passport and permanent resident holders or visitors who stay less than 72 hours, US$20 to enter the country and they give you a slip of paper. If you lose that slip of paper, you'd have to pay US$40 when you leave.
  2. I agree. Why don't you compare the gross and disposable income of our neighbors (e.g. TH/VN/ID/PH) and do a few trunk routes and compare their prices against Malaysia's for similar-ish distance. Let me know if you find their flag carrier (apples to apples, so you can't compare Vietjet Air to MH), i.e. GA/TG/VN/PR to MH. KUL-LGK, 282 miles for ~RM60 ($14.50 USD) KUL-KCH, 603 miles for ~RM120 ($29 USD) That should cover city pairs like BKK-HKT, CGK-DPS/SUB, MNL-CEB, SGN/HAN-DAD
  3. For those who are championing to review contracts on a constant basis to ensure that MH gets the lowest possible cost, here's an article for you Boeing's 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers
  4. Whilst that maybe true, but this is straight from AK's website: Q: If I arrive at KLIA and I am flying on AirAsia, how do I get to KLIA2? A: You may take the KLIA Expres train from KLIA to KLIA2. The journey takes approximately 3 minutes and costs RM2 per way. You also have the option to take a Taxi. Please see this link for more information. Please note that AirAsia is a point to point airline and we operate out/from a different airport which is KLIA2. Please also be mindful of our counter closing times as check in after counter is closed is not allowed.
  5. The RM150 for non-ASEAN premium pax is new! Now that's a hefty levy! Guess there'll be new threads about MH's ex-ASEAN fares in the future since transit pax aren't subjected to the levy (same for UK's APD) BTW, if anyone is interested, Mavcom is studying the feasibility of amending the PSC (different airports with different PSCs, note that KLIA Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 are different terminals in the *same airport* despite people think otherwise).
  6. MH would very much prefer routing them via LHR. Fly their own metal to LHR and then interline to BA (MH already sells plenty of ex-EU fares with a LHR connection on BA). If you look at MH's EU-MY or vice-versa, the best deals are almost always via LHR (instead of via DXB/AUH/AMS).
  7. I was looking at VN-MY flights and it appears that VN has introduced "Economy Super Lite" fares (booking class: G/P) for flights between VN and KUL, CGK, SIN, and BKK since 20 May 2019. If you accidentally bought a HBO (hand-baggage only) fare, the cost to check-in a bag is pretty exorbitant: 0-5kg: USD $20 5-10kg: USD $40 The up fare from Basic/Super Lite fare to one that includes baggage is only USD $30.
  8. Mavcom's air traffic rights application for May is out Interesting applications: AK: BKI-MDC 4 weekly (scuba shuttle?) D7: KUL-HFE - 4 weekly TPE-OKA - 4 weekly (5th Freedom rights) MH: KUL-CTS: 3 weekly (is this for charter or schedule?)
  9. I am not privy to the exact details of the MAB Act, but if you believe that *all* unfair contracts did not transfer over, then sure Looks more like business class menu on KUL-HND. First Class without caviar or wagyu beef on a Japanese carrier? Might as well be in business KUL-HND Business Class Menu NH First Class Menu NH invited Malaysia based Mileage Club members to their tasting event at Zipangu back in February or March in preparation for their collaboration with Zipangu. MH is collaborating with KL Hilton's Iketeru for their KUL-JP flights (JL doesn't have any because it's a light snack + breakfast service).
  10. I am curious if that's the average cost for SQ J on SIN-CGK or just the cost of the standard menu (I can't imagine the BTC Lobster Thermidor option costing $32.67 SGD) I'd like to know, if you are the CEO of MAB and you are reviewing the contracts and you noticed that the contract is BS, all signed by your predecessors with hefty penalty for breaking the contract. The supplier/caterer knows that they are ripping MAB off, MAB knows that they are being ripped off, the public knows that MAB is being ripped off, what can/are you going to do with the long-term contract?
  11. US universities offer plenty of those short course programs (mostly in summer - "Summer School") where anyone is free to apply and it's usually non-competitive. You'd be taught by the same high calibre professors (as I assume you would in Harvard). I went to an Ivy league school for summer school (so I can get my second degree faster) and a few of my friends went to Harvard/MIT for summer school
  12. Glad we agree that we do not have enough radiation in the world today
  13. I am sure the government has their plate full, but revamping the entry requirements for certain citizens would a good idea. I still find it interesting that Libyans, Yemenis, and Syrians can enter Malaysia visa-free but Colombians require a visa.
  14. I think SQ is finding it difficult due to Chinese carriers. All Asian carriers will find it difficult once China perfects their transit flow Have you seen how cheap fares are from China (or on Chinese carriers)? I don't want a CEO who makes a lot of PR statements but does nothing for the company. I want a CEO who knows what he's doing. The less noise, the better And you forget that Ryanair and Easyjet have huge bases in Germany as well. AB's hub was in TXL and to a certain extent, DUS (both aren't exactly high yielding cities, DUS maybe but not compared to FRA/MUC). RM32 per year for every Malaysian for subsidized air travel? Sign me up please Where else can you get 15€ domestic flight on a full service carrier?
  15. A380 on MH 432/433 was a one-off thing. MH72/72 was canceled on 02JUN. KUL-US (not MY) market can fit in one 737/320 flight a day, with about half of it going to/from LA. Come S20, most of US flights except for a few will be routed via HND (JL/NH are expected to get 6 each plus a handful from their US counterparts). UA will only have IAH/LAX/GUM from NRT and AA will only have DFW/LAX from NRT. JL (or JP, KR, TW in general) has stronger ties with the US than the EU. Plus it doesn't really makes sense for a lot of passengers to connect via Japan/Korea from Asia to Europe (and schedule sucks where most flights are westbound day flights) where as it's on the way for most America bound flights. *IF* MH gets what they want at HND, I don't think MH has much use for NRT anymore. Domestic connections are many folds better at HND and not to mention Tokyo bound pax will almost always choose HND over NRT. There are only about 26 daytime slots left at HND for S20. I'd be surprised if Malaysia gets 2 and more importantly, Mavcom awards both of them to MH leaving D7 with the nighttime slot. The JV as of right now applies (if approved) for MY-JP market only. So if a pax is traveling say SG-MY-JP, it's not metal neutral yet.
  16. I always thought the scanning of bags are voluntary (or unless being called), at least during the previous system. I see people queuing up to have their bags checked and I usually just walk between the two lines and walk straight out
  17. Malaysia has been doing this for quite some years now (all compulsory taxes and fees are included in the air ticket prices). The only new thing I see is the CC charges (only applicable to LCCs like AK Group, JQ, TR etc.) which must now be included in the price of tickets.
  18. Still subject to regulatory approval, no? The A380 has been removed from regular commercial operations (currently serving Saudi Arabia charter flights only). And if MH gets HND slots, they can't use their 380s there as well as HND is not 380 capable.
  19. Shenzhen Airlines will stop serving KUL sometime in June.
  20. And I thought Malaysians are relatively non-violent citizens 🙄 You do realize that you just made a death threat right?
  21. MAVCOM approved the following route applications from MH (April 2019): KUL-PDG - 2.2 units (what is a "unit"?) BKI-SDK - 7 weekly KUL-KTJ - 3.3 units (where's KTJ? Google says Kenya ) KUL-LBU - 1 weekly KUL-MYY - 2 weekly KUL-PKU - 4.4 units KUL-SOC - 4.4 units KUL-BTU - 1 weekly KUL-JHB - 2 weekly KUL-KCH - 4 weekly KUL-PEN - 4 weekly KUL-SDK - 3 weekly Other notable approved applications: OD: BKI-SDK - 14 weekly SZB-XSP - 42 weekly!!! AK: KUL-CGK - 7 weekly KUL-MNL - 7 weekly KUL-PKU - 5 units D7: KUL-NGO - 4 weekly More info here: MAVCOM April 2019 Air Traffic Rights
  22. I always thought MAHB is a non-profit company that solely collects revenue from PSC and it's used to provide rent free agreements to retailers so passengers would choose to KUL over the likes of SIN and BKK. *shrugs*
  23. Sounds good. I wonder if they'll expand it to cover US/Canada/South Asia in the future. Basically means both airlines share costs and revenue for the market they want a JV in. They can coordinate schedules and fares without anti-competitive agencies scrutinizing at them. I also saw "metal neutral" mentioned in the application - this means pax can choose to fly either on JL or MH on any fare without much restrictions (that's how it should work theoretically but cheaper tickets usually have a rule that says "Flights must be on MH operated by MH" etc.).
  24. Yes. But Some heads-up will be appreciated. If it weren't for this thread, I wouldn't have known MH *AND* OD has introduced HBO fares. For domestic/regional flights, I usually just go for the cheapest fare family unless I have a reason to buy J. Well their Maths is wrong. 100% increase from 0kg is still 0kg. So the sweet spot is Gold/OWS for domestic flights In all seriousness, this is much better than EU HBO or US Basic Y fares. Elites still get some baggage allowance
  25. Well this could have been implemented better. How about some heads-up instead of immediate effect? And what if pax has elite status (either with MH/OW) - are they still given the extra baggage allowance for Y Lite fares? Btw, why do people need that much baggage allowance (I get it if you are moving or if you are traveling to temperate countries etc.) but for a holiday, 20kg is a lot. PS: Can we have a separate thread instead of getting buried in here?
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