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  1. AMEN!!!!! Just put this miserable dog out of its misery, PUT IT DOWN!!!
  2. You are right! their websites are horrendous, but thats an easy fix once they get around to it i think
  3. These Chinese Carriers are going to be the Gulf carriers of the Pacific SQ and CX should be worried, once these guys get their act together and start offering better service they are going to be serious contenders to North America possibly even Europe ( though thats back tracking some). They have already started to get in gear with hard product, food and service are all that remain....
  4. Jump! indeed why reward failure with your business, you are right!
  5. The Gulf Carriers really arent so great if you are an economy flyer, heck EK business even isnt so nice. They get this halo effect from their flashy first class products that they have on very select planes which make people oh and ah. But in Y they are nothing special.
  6. I Still think this is a huge waste of money! It is conceded that Kangaroo route is dead, so now the solution is North South?? Please... What crap, if people want to fly a 3rd rate airline between Australia and China there is plenty of choice between the Chinese carriers, Garuda and Thai the latter of which i think is leagues ahead of MAS (MAB whatever lipstick on a pig.. still a pig) Where does MAS fit into the market? The simple answer is that is doesn't! its not necessary and serves no purpose! If there is a need for such a service let private industry go about abating the demand rather than dumping 6 Billion (what at the point the country really really doenst have) into this fools endeavor!
  7. Exactly! Better to light the 6 bill on fire!
  8. Cathy Pacific is likely the easiest/ best option as Dragon air serves BKI
  9. When I first saw this story my first instict was bloody hell no But on reading the article it does make a modicum of sense common sourcing and maitiance could result in some decent cost saving. It's not a bad idea (spending 6 bill on MAS however still is)
  10. Suspension. Is ofcourse possible, but I really don't see this happening, it would cause such massive head aches as I imagine it would affect any reservation with a codeshare flight which would this need to be rebooked. On the frequent flyers side people would not be able to redeem or earn miles. This is not surprising. They really can't do this soon enough.
  11. Assume that would mean new partnerships? Pulling MAS out of OW would be suicidal with how the network has shrunk.
  12. im not sure i understand your first point. However i disagree totally with your second thats not how markets work. If companies came in and couldnt make a profit it would mean there is no demand for the product they were providing or prices would rise to a equilibrium where both companies profited and consumers could afford the product/ service. Also with MAS cutting its route network what connectivity does the new co actually provide? I cant think of a major route left where they will be the only service provider. So for RM 6 billion we dont get jack really. If there was a demand for connectivity between KUL and elsewhere private enterprise could start to meet that demand, the government doesnt need to operate and airline its not a public service except to very remote areas which could never sustain a commercial flight. There is a public good in that respect. With the government interfering and keeping MAS going tax payers are not only subsidizing failure but they are distorting the market and Malaysian tax payers are essentially subsidizing, singaporeans, brits etc to fly around the world below cost at artificially low prices. In-addition this market manipulation inhibits other competitors from either starting or increasing KUL service as the yields are artificially depressed.
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