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  1. or maybe only 1 or 2 seats. legally legit, technically legit, in terms of sales person point of view, this is nothing wrong.
  2. airasia always selling the idea of lower psc for better affordability, while they didn't look at their ticket pricing.
  3. actually there's an easy way to solve issue, tell TF to revive his labu airport plan, or maybe go ahead with the funding to build then move to much talk about Kulim International Airport and name it the RedFort, station all the ops there, office la, catering la, cargo la, simulator la, academy la, engineering la, whatever it is, you name it, there's 2 runways in kulim international airport for his usage, most important thing is, form a private company to manage the airport like Senai Airport, don't let MAHB handle it. Living standard in Kulim is way cheaper than in Sepang, so his employees will have more in their purse to spend for daily living, and he can bargain a lot from the local transportation company as well since Airais became the major player there. i'm pretty sure it will be well received by Kedah CM. yeah, for some unknown reason they like to make those things public. sometimes it's good, but sometimes you got backfire from the actions.
  4. i don't think airasia is treated bad in their home ground either. we can see that airasia is ok with requirement at other airports but they always complaining that they can't get their demand met in Malaysia. i have no idea is it their issue or MAHB issue, really.
  5. was wondering why runway 2 is closed instead of runway 3.
  6. agreed. RAS is serving the needs, not serving the profits.
  7. if you think MASWing sucks, then you probably might conveniently forgot the Fly Asian Express.
  8. probably no enough length for take off? or the water level?
  9. MAB does receive money from government for running RAS. i don't think MAB bear the expenditure for RAS (much if not all). I mean, correct me if i'm wrong.
  10. if you doing upgrade that people won't see it, you won't get the budget for it. if you doing upgrade that people will see it, no matter it is relevant to them or not, you will have a higher chance of approved budget. this is some coprorate mindset, sad but true.
  11. better for taxpayer but wasn't better for those who wanna survive in politics.
  12. it will be interesting to see how malindo going to deploy their A333 to make it work in generating needed revenue, perhaps a mix of long haul with high dense domestic flight with the current config?
  13. as a matter of fact, taking air-buses (airside transport busses) is a pretty new thing in malaysia. as our airports rarely up to the level that overcapacity by the planes (sad but true). anyway, i'm really good with the air-buses as well, given the weather is good though. haha
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