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  1. remember the very famous share swap between MAS and AK few years back?
  2. no net addition in malaysia, probably switching a320 with a321neo. adding capacity without adding birds
  3. while Iran vs US grab the headline international news this morning, a sideline story develops. Our thoughts and prayers to the victims. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/01/07/middleeast/plane-crash-iran-intl-hnk/index.html (CNN)All 176 people on board a Ukraine International Airlines flight were killed when it crashed shortly after takeoff from Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran, the country's Press TV reported. The Boeing 737 jet took off early Wednesday morning with 167 passengers and nine crew on board, Press TV reported, citing Ali Khashani, a senior public relations official at the airport. Earlier reports from Iranian state media had said 180 people were on board. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a Facebook post that the country's embassy in Iran is "working to clarify information on the circumstances of the tragedy and the list of deceased passengers." "My sincere condolences to the families and loved ones of all passengers and crew members," Zelensky said. Emergency crews were dispatched to the crash site but could not assist because the area was ablaze, said Pirhossein Koulivand, the head of Iran's Emergency Medical Services. Koulivand told state-run media outlet IRINN that the crash site is between the cities of Parand and Shahriar. Flight-tracking service FlightRadar 24 said in a tweet that the jet had been in service for about three and a half years. Iran's semi-official news agency ISNA reported the crash was due to technical difficulties. A Boeing spokesperson told CNN they are "aware of the media reports out of Iran and we are gathering more information." First responders are seen after the crash. The crash takes place just days before the company's new CEO David Calhoun will formally take the job. Calhoun replaces Dennis Muilenburg, who was ousted in December after Boeing's disastrous year. The American aviation giant is still reeling from the aftermath of two 737 Max crashes, which killed 346 people. The Max has been grounded worldwide since March, and the company has struggled with delays and other issues in its bid to get the planes back in the air. This is a developing story and will be updated.
  4. magic word is "operating the jet ops under LCC model". Firefly ain't operating in LCC model that point of time, by theory it should work. that's theory of 1+1=2. Not MH theory. LOL.
  5. well, to think about it from SQ group perspective. is either you retain connection with a LCC unit in your group, or to have a code share with MH and split the profit. I would opt for the 1st option anyway. maybe yes in terms of load. but old tiger doesn't have a big backer like scoot now that time. With scoot, they are leveraging the SQ network, using LCC unit to broaden their network coverage. Imagine if firefly jet ops operating with LCC model were retain in the past, i wonder will MAS will be in a slightly better shape now. i kinda believe that it should be making money oppose to what their "official" statement that the ops is losing money, i remember the firefly jet ops is hurting AirAsia a lot that point of time, probably somebody is whining about the existence of firefly jet ops at that point of time causing firefly to yield and back to solely turboprop ops.
  6. probably SQ group will be maximizing scoot for regional connectivity by deploying Scoot to BKI, unless BKI has a significant number of business traveller.
  7. so long it make business sense, i don't think EK SQ CX or any FSC would mind selling their ticket via air asia.com (which is essentially via kiwi.com)
  8. or maybe only 1 or 2 seats. legally legit, technically legit, in terms of sales person point of view, this is nothing wrong.
  9. airasia always selling the idea of lower psc for better affordability, while they didn't look at their ticket pricing.
  10. actually there's an easy way to solve issue, tell TF to revive his labu airport plan, or maybe go ahead with the funding to build then move to much talk about Kulim International Airport and name it the RedFort, station all the ops there, office la, catering la, cargo la, simulator la, academy la, engineering la, whatever it is, you name it, there's 2 runways in kulim international airport for his usage, most important thing is, form a private company to manage the airport like Senai Airport, don't let MAHB handle it. Living standard in Kulim is way cheaper than in Sepang, so his employees will have more in their purse to spend for daily living, and he can bargain a lot from the local transportation company as well since Airais became the major player there. i'm pretty sure it will be well received by Kedah CM. yeah, for some unknown reason they like to make those things public. sometimes it's good, but sometimes you got backfire from the actions.
  11. i don't think airasia is treated bad in their home ground either. we can see that airasia is ok with requirement at other airports but they always complaining that they can't get their demand met in Malaysia. i have no idea is it their issue or MAHB issue, really.
  12. agreed. RAS is serving the needs, not serving the profits.
  13. if you think MASWing sucks, then you probably might conveniently forgot the Fly Asian Express.
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