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  1. Any idea when is the MAS Domestic lounge is finishing their renovations?
  2. I was at the airport yesterday ie 11 Oct 2017 and they MAS check in counter have confirmed satellite lounge will be closed on 12 Oct. Regional lounge will be open on the same day.
  3. The regional lounge reopening is delayed. Today 4 Oct 2017 Im still using the Satellite Lounge
  4. I used to take the 777-200 from BKI to KUL
  5. Was told by Malaysia Airlines that they are problems with the web browsers and currently the only one compatible is Internet Explorer. That's why I have errors using Safari while browsing. However the app is fine. They hope to sort this problem soon.
  6. Cannot book flight to Singapore using the browser on Malaysia airlines website. Its available on the app via iPhone On the website all flights full for any date except Subang
  7. Ok thanks. So you can't use the Golden Lounge at KLIA?
  8. Anyone knows if you are flying Japan Airlines Premium Economy has access to One World Lounges or 3rd party lounges?
  9. I cannot agree with you more. The planes are dirty. The ceiling and overhead compartments have dust and black stains including finger and palm stains. Chairs and tray tables dirty.
  10. Better check. You may have been issued Enrich Silver.
  11. Yes your card had been renewed which means you had requalified.
  12. My 80 yr old father and 75 year old mum flew back from Singapore to KL on OD806 at 9.30 pm on 18 Feb 2016. The flight was on scheduled and my mum and dad has high praise for the Malindo cabin crew. While on board, my dad was feeling cold and requested for a blanket. The cabin crew immediately attended to him bringing 2 blankets and kept checking on him during the flight that he was comfortable. In addition, they even took the trouble to serve hot tea for him eventhough it was not the usual thing to do on such a short flight. Overall a very good experience and kudos to Malindo.
  13. Just for your information, if you fly on Emirates, you will get Enrich Miles but not Elite Miles Or Elite Sectors.
  14. Is it true that if I fly on Emirates I don't get Elite points and sector points?
  15. Thanks Suzanne for your info. Since Plaza Premium is the default lounge for Malaysia Airlines that would be very convenient as I will be meeting another person there.Would go to the CX lounge if I did not have to meet up with someone there.
  16. Is it true that Malaysia Airlines assigns Plaza Premium Loungeas their default lounge for their business class passengers or Enrich Gold holders at HKIA?
  17. Ok that's good to know. Is it true that Malaysia airlines will give you invitation to plaza premium lounge by default at Hong Kong instead of one world lounge?
  18. Just a question, which business class lounge MAS uses in Hong Kong?
  19. Just a query, if I fly on Emirates will I get Enrich elite points and sector points? Thanks
  20. What I meant is if a crew is sick on the flight , Then you will only have 3 Working Crew. In addition the return leg of the flight may be affected. When I was travelling just recently even the MAS cabin crew had expressed their concerns. This has happened before. When this happens i.e. Crew is ill, no inflight services.
  21. I've also noticed the reduction in crew. Was on J on flight to Yangon recently with around 7 in J. 1 crew served us while the other crew in J assisted the 2 in Y class which was full. Spoke to the cabin crew and they themselves find this thing and they hope that none of the crew is ill and unfit during their flight. Apparently there were time where one crew was ill and Y class had only one cabin crew for the return flight. Hope MAS take note of this which can be a safety issue.
  22. Flights apparently still delayed out of KLIA. Heard from MAS engineer at Yangon that KLIA has one runway closed due to calibration exercise by DCA
  23. Just arrived Yangon after 2 hour delay waiting at KLIA. From my observations most aircraft was taking off on Runway 14R. In addition aircraft was also landing on the same runway thus adding to the long long wait.
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