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  1. i think something with the pack.. aircraft can only go up to FL250 and hence routings had to be via SIN
  2. Maybe the reason why they put the Wau at that position so that it appears to be "flying" / Berkibar ? just my wild guess though Anyhow, it's still an awkward position to be at
  3. Oh well, hopefully and the passengers/crews on board can survive through this disaster! ! May God bless them and be with them always !
  4. I can't see any good of Mr ex-pm being the advisor for the airline.. Why cant he just stay and remain as a farmer that he likes to be ?
  5. just love the 4-engined aircrafts pics.. Thanks for sharing and hoping for more
  6. u can try going to this website http://forum.flydamnit.com/.. there are lots of information for u ..
  7. very nice video, thanks for sharing simon
  8. they are still living in stone-age.. talking nonsense
  9. the pics are just incredible ! thanks for sharing guys
  10. is this statement from the movie " you got served " ? it sounds familiar
  11. Nope .. they told me to leave right after i've done my test - -
  12. there are 4 papers tat u have to sit for 1. Verbal test - 40 ques in 30 min 2. interpreting data - 40 ques in 30 min 3. diagrammes test - 40 ques in 20 min 4. personality questionaires - 100 in 45min till 1 hour (no limit, but adviced to be as quick as possible) Verbal test = after reading a passage , there will be 4 statements and u are required to identify whether they are CORRECT, WRONG or CANNOT SAY (not in passage) Interpreting data = 40 questions based on 1 paper with many Tables , Chart and statistics .. must be very fast .. lots of calculations involved and calculator is not allowed diagramme = 4 diagrammes are given in each questions , u hav to relate those four diagrammes and choose the answer - - u can practise here http://www.kent.ac.uk/careers/psychotests.htm
  13. i don't know .. but got one took his psychomotor in July i think ..
  14. 10 of us ^^ there are a few who took psychomotor on march
  15. just came back from my test .. now i know, the test is all about time .. couldnt manage to complete all 3 papers .. if only they spare 2 minutes more lol
  16. THx for the link .. i'll do my best for sure
  17. sure sure. . so nervous le - - actually how should i prepare myself for the test ?
  18. i went on the 29th of june .. hope i can pull this through
  19. well2 gudluck shane! this is like.. the second stage rite? hope u'll pull through~ all the best! =) tq for the support ^^
  20. thx thx .. i will do my best
  21. the HR fella called me while i was having my noon nap .. hope tat im not dreaming lol i will be at Thurs 10am
  22. hey hey .. MAS just called me for the psychometric test this thursday
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