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  1. Exactly. I'm sure it's interesting for an insider with all the actual info to read all the 'wild guesses' and analysis of 'MH ceo's wannabes'. On a different note, the ad shown last night was really a 'berita gempar'. when the tv3 newscaster mentioned that Idris Jala is annoucing a breaking news, the 1st thing that came in my mind was "something bad had happened to one of the planes". Thank God it's good news instead ohh yeah now you can see both CEOs 'acting'. Idris Jala in MH TVC last night and Tony fernandes in the film Cuci. hehe
  2. I found what i want. RM152 for return ticket all inclusive KUL-KBR-KUL. It's RM0 fare + all the taxes and surcharge. I don't think giving free tickets away brings down the image of MH. In my opinion, it's about reaching another customer segment having secured the profitable business pax segment (both C and Y class) for domestics flights. MH really don't have to do this as most flights on working days are still packed with business travelers. The fact that they are doing this and reaching to the more cost-concious and self-paying customers shows that being a national airline means serving every level of consumers from business travelers, foreign and local tourists, normal self paying traveler, rural air services etc. After all despite all these super saver promos (which have been around for quite some time), I don;t believe the reputation or the brand image of MH has been brought down to the same level as AK. Not in my point of view. Having said that, AK will surely respond to this. My guess would be free tickets to all AK destinations (in contrast with Domestics only for MH). OR AK offering absolutely free/almost free tickets (no surcharge and admin fee, pay only airport tax). We shall wait and see.
  3. Tactical pricing strategy. I think this 1,000,000 seats have been approved and budgeted as Marketing expenses for Y2008. Looking into few destinations. I'll be one out of many website visitors at midinight hehehe
  4. It would be great if they can restore SZB-JHB...i'll be a frequent traveller on that flight
  5. Another high profile case. On a brighter side, no one dies and it's a good lesson for MAHB. To be fair on the police, I have seen a few times airport police patrolling with automatic rifle around KLIA. Yes, we don't have the UTK/SWAT patrolling the airport, but there tis a police station in the airport and during peak hours, you can even see lots of traffic policeman (who are armed and ready) manning the arrival lanes. I think soon we'll see more police and even UTK guaring our KLIA, KL Sentral and other Airports. On a different note, this kind of high profile case usually got solved quite fast. Let's see how fast our intel capabilities can track those crook down and UTK being sent to put bullets in their head.
  6. Another 'achievement'. Well done AK a) Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation (CAPA) Airline of The Year Award Commendations of Prestige Award from Macau c) World Record for A320 Hard Landing at 4.2G On a more serious note, anyone read or heard of any passenger side story of this hard landing?
  7. Yes, it is indeed the same. But the beauty of LCC pricing is that it is not fixed and by quietly adding RM5 into it and offering rebate of RM5 for those who did not check in bags will bring the same amount of profit. The pax won't know about the increase of RM5 into their ticket price as it is absorbed into the Basic Ticket Price. This is how it works: Let's flashback to a month ago before the announcement of RM5 baggage charge and imagine this scenario. 1) AK wants to add more revenue, hence adding RM5 to all Basic Ticket Price (e.g.: From RM9.99 to RM14.99 or from RM0.99 to RM5.99). 2) No one will notice anything as it is still low and pax will thing it is the real ticket price as what they always see. 3) So pax buy tickets bla bla bla and AK then made the announcement, "we want to encourage people to save even more when they fly with AK hence we want to give you RM5 back if you don't check in your bags!" 4) Make it an exciting marketing campaign as Now Everyone Can Save More! and TF can even tags it along with "Environmental Corporate Responsibility" theme. Of course this thing won't work now as AK already make the announcement about the RM5 thing. I think my abocve method will give better effect than simply out-of-nowhere announce We want to charge you RM5....it's not really about the amount but about how you want to squeeze the consumers money. All this is just my personal opinion. I could be wrong After all AK MArketing Dept repeatedly turned down my job applications so maybe i don;t have their brain hehehe
  8. Not a good news for Malaysia Airports indeed in terms of security. Let's hope the knife is something the pax get on board.
  9. Reading about the baggage fees on todays newspaper maks me wanna throw out. Cut the crap on all those environmental reasons and just admit that AK wants more revenue to achieve their Aku Kaya objective! What i think they should do is to absorb the RM5/RM3 into the ticket. So instead of having RM9.99 offers, they have to settle for RM14.99 offer which is still cheap. The trick is to offer those who do not carry luggage will receive RM5/RM3 rebate or onboard food vouchers upon check in. This way AK will look good and nobody need to know about the increase of RM5 in the ticket price, not many will notice anyway. And no need to sell crap like Save the Environment by carrying less Bags.
  10. A bad news indeed for me and many of my friends who frequent Bandung/Jakarta for shopping. If i'm in Firefly and MH marketing/brand team, i'll launch an all out ad-campaign on this highlighting the free luggage allowance on FY and MH. An opportunity to make fun of the 'big bully'.
  11. Is it an error or just something that is already in the markting budget?
  12. Could it be because of F1 Racing? I'm sure pax going to LCCT will be stuck in a crazy jam!
  13. My scary moments include: a) Uzbekistan Airways A310 Rough Landing in Tashkent... the plane was at a certain angle when the tires touched the ground. people were actually shouting... MH B737-400 KUL-TGG...could not land in TGG due to a very heavy rain, nothing scary for me but when people in my row started to pray very hard and the makcik next to me holding my hand, i became a bit scared. The plane eventually went back tu KUL. c) EK AB6 from Dhaka, Bangladesh to KUL - The plane has to return back to Dhaka due to some problem with one of the engine. The pilot announcement was calm but the cabin was dead silence till the plane touched down when everyone clapped. The scary part is being stucked in Dhaka for many hours!
  14. T2 CArpark looks safer than T3. The best bet is to take a taxi i would say.
  15. Impressive event. Processing the photos. Great time with Mwingers and others. Can post the photos here ka?
  16. good place to hang out this saturday hehehehe anyway i heard they are very strict about the height requirement, i got a friend who is short by 0.4cm got the bye bye at the very first stage. she's now an MH stewardess
  17. I flew the same route on the same airline QZ last sunday. Its an old plane but not that old.
  18. ahhh the artile from Malaysian Today...that explains.
  19. Great! now that it has been postponed ("retimed") i should be able to make it
  20. Sounds like an interesting event. Having fun while giving back to the society. Nice stuff. Too bad i'll be in AOR for some wedding. May i know which kids are you bringing in? from which homes? Are you still open for $$$ contribution?
  21. live posting from szb. just finished flying. Settling payment. What a great experience. Expect lots of photos in a new pic topic. Thanks capt nik n every1
  22. wah fast driver....yeah me semangat too...semangat to go to bed as well...
  23. 17 pax is here. Briefing has just started by capt nik
  24. live posting from showru. 8 of us already here
  25. wahhh the spin thingy is really scaring me....hehe
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