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  1. Interesting... GULF GOLDEN INTERNATIONAL FLYING ACADEMY. Complete this form and forward to: West Wing, Lot 03-04 Subang Square SS15/4G, 47500 Subang Jaya Tel:+603- 56352180 Fax: +603-56367535
  2. Oops..sorry...EIE...Jakarta WIII callsign is Soekarno Hatta Tower... You can buy these charts online. http://www2.navigraph.com/www/default.asp
  3. As far as I know, all Callsigns in Malaysia are using the name of the area itself e.g Subang tower/ground, Lumpur tower/ground, Penang tower/ground and so on... After airborne from KLIA you normally call Lumpur approach North or South. Then later will be transfered to Lumpur Control(Center). Other places like Jakarta airport, the callsign is Cangkareng tower/grd or Medan another example also known as Polonia tower/grd...etc...
  4. Money wouldn't be a problem if we spend it wisely. If you want to have ferrari in front of your house, then it's different story.
  5. Love is definitely one of the thing you must have in your work. But in reality, you need to be paid enough amount to sustain your living style. When family come into the picture, you going to need even more money. That's when things change but that's life... With all the nicest things that a pilot can have in his office everyday, he has to go through base check every 6 months, medical check up every year, away from home most of the time and more. A base check is just like going for SPM... except for your job depends on it, and your family counting on you Same as cabin crew, they have to remember a lot of stuff too, emergency drills, also test here and there. So every year, we celebrate merdeka a few times more than other people,hehe...
  6. IMHO, B737NG looks better but the fact that they have the same overhead panel as the classic series a bit boring.
  7. First they found the aircraft with 12 survivors, then the pilot sent out 2 distress calls. Both turn out to be wrong. Now they picked up a new signal from different place? I hope they know what they're doing... R.I.P to the victims...
  8. Hmm...i heard about this too from A.Asia pilot friend.
  9. Nice to see u guys at the carnival !
  10. Normally the procedure requires us to use alternate landing gear extension. Otherwise a 2G turn can be made if alternate extension fails. Sim is crazy, the instructor can give you virtually anything! one engine inoperative and another one on fire. double engine flameout, or landing gear collapsed after landing,explosion during cruise phase etc....if they runout of idea to play with the instructor's panel, they'll act as a stewardess or disruptive passenger and start giving you all the problems in the world with no solution...heheh... all of this just to distract you from the main objetive...to fly the aircraft...
  11. NO to both! Replace the ageing fleet first, than concentrate on other aircraft!
  12. Not the best way to leave a company but it's better that way than to be sorry later on. I think the relevant authority should audit the maintanace department bcoz the accusation is very serious and might cost people's lives. The capt need to be heard... and get feedback from all the pilots as well.
  13. I apply to MAS, called them personally..they said I was short listed and going to call me in 2 months. They called me for psychomotor 1 year later!
  14. Hi Attan, Are you with RSFC? How much does it cost nowadays to rent a cessna 172? It was around RM300+ in 2003.
  15. WMKP PENANG INTL A1479/06 - RWY CLSD TO RESURFACING WORK EXCEPT ON SUNDAY ( DAY 7 21 JUN 17:00 UNTIL 31 DEC 22:30 DLY BTN 1700 TILL 2230 EXCEPT ON SUNDAY (DAY 7) it means that the runway is closed daily in between 21/06/06-31/12/06 from 1am-6.30am malaysia time. this is common to most airport under improvement!
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