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  1. He cleared his solo quite recently. I think last week if not mistaken.
  2. The latest info I have is that the pilot Is in hospital. Condition unknown. It's Cheng Heights. Where we usually position the aircraft for a left base RWY 03. It's very close to the airfield.
  3. Without sounding discouraging I would like to share that according to DCA statistics, there are 1117 unemployed fresh graduate pilots in Malaysia. With Air Asia the only airline that is proactively hiring fresh graduate pilots at the moment,it will take a very long time for the surplus fresh grad pilots to be absorbed into the industry. What I can suggest to you to keep your dream alive is to definitely work towards your SPM and try your best to achieve those 5 credits. Once you get that you can apply to work in an airline in other positions such as ground handling or cabin crew. From there you can work your way up to a flight crew position. There are few pilots from Air Asia that did it this way. They worked as cabin crew for a couple of years and eventually got into the company's cadet pilot scheme.I sincerely believe that Its a matter of getting a foot into the industry and from there you can work your way up. It's all a matter of how much you want it and how hard you want to work towards achieving your dream.
  4. Stunning night shots! Awesome photos guys.
  5. I had the exact same problem as Naim mentioned above. However, one shot at booking a ticket on the iPad and it worked with no problems. The funniest thing was a week later I receive a call from the MH Call Center. They said they noticed an error with my attempted booking and asked me if I would like to carry out the booking right then over the phone. I told them, I had already booked the ticket, made the trip and returned so your a little bit too late!
  6. I am not too sure what the job market is like elsewhere but even though the GA market in Australia is pretty huge, jobs are few and far between. My batch mates who are Australian Citizens are finding it difficult to get a hold of a job let alone us foreigners. I guess we just have to play the waiting game and make use of the time we have now to enhance our qualifications.
  7. 1) Flight Training Australia (Archerfield, Brisbane) 2) End of May 2009 3) CPL 230 Hours 4) Aerospace Analyst at a Consulting Firm and part time studying for a business degree (graduate end of the month) 5) Conversion to Malaysian License perhaps? 1) Flight Training Australia (Archerfield, Brisbane) 2) End of May 2009 3) CPL 230 Hours 4) Aerospace Analyst at a Consulting Firm and part time studying for a business degree (graduate end of the month) 5) Conversion to Malaysian License perhaps?
  8. I think the incident with the C152 above could be that there was quite a bit of cross-wind and the student did not have enough aileron into the wind to counter the drift. So the wind probably blew the wing away from the wind thats why the second picture in that sequence has the left wing almost on its side. I have experienced it before, it is really really scary.
  9. When you fly IFR, your best friend in the cockpit is your instruments. Flying under instruments can be very challenging on your body because relying on your instruments alone will produce accelaration and decelaration motions on your body which may cause you to question the reliabilty of your instruments. When the pilot is fatigued he is more prone to make errors when flying only under instruments because of all the motions acting on his body. For example,when he is in a gentle rate one turn he may still think that the aircraft is flying wings leve,l this will cause him to increase angle of bank until he thinks his brain is telling him he is in the turn. He then has increased the angle of bank so much that he might get him self into a spiral dive. That is exactly how a fatigued pilot will fly under instruments. Its impossible to compare bus drivers with pilots. Bus drivers do not have to conduct instrument approaches with + or - 2 degrees of heading error and + or - 0 feet on the altimeter. A pilot has a right to be fussy about sleep.
  10. I got fly Cessna 152 with ah moi many times! Always rubbing shoulders! Hahahaha.......
  11. One of those flights thats was chartered by MAS was KUL- BNE on a 744. My sisters were on that flight and they got full service for the price of AK ticket to the Gold Coast
  12. I think if you cant get into cadetship, you should go into a flight school as a private student. I graduated from high school last year and wanted to go to university and then think of flying later on but my dad told me not to because he said "you would be spending 4 years of your life studying something you do not have the passion for, how would you motivate yourself to study? So he told he would get a loan and he would send me to australia to do flight training (i couldnt get into a malaysian flying school because i did not get a credit in malay) and i can tell you since i started flying i have had no regrets in terms of not going to univeristy, im having the time of my life doing cross country flying and aerobatics and ive got a great bunch of instructors on my side. Yes sure i may have to rough it out and struggle to find a decent job in the GA or even commercial indsutry , but i know if i have the right atitude and work ethic i will get what i deserve with time. So Nabiel in my opinion do whatever you can thats within your power to start off your flying career. Cherrio!
  13. Those night shots are just stunning! Your shots are sharp during the day and also sharp during the night, great stuff
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