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  1. Hmm I'm actually thinking of taking the A332 from Gatwick this summer, hopefully i'll get a new plane.
  2. Pieter... Im planning to go to Keukenhof during easter.. is it nice? It's near Schipol ain't it.. hehe
  3. Some of their B747s and B772s are getting old I reckon, not to mention the B757s and B767s. Time to replace them. Would love to see A333s, A345s, A346s, or A350XWB in union jack livery B773ER would be good as well
  4. Yeah it implies that : spring has arrived .
  5. Oh good, please, send something other than AB6, I don't wanna be onboard the AB6 again on the DOH-KUL journey on my return flight in the summer. Please, an A332 or 333 will do. A346HGW + A333, ahh!
  6. Alternative must be B748. The capacity of B773ER is no where near A380. I like B773ER ALOT though. GE90 rocks
  7. Hmm is the livery any different compared to the first one?
  8. Imagine some babarians smoking in the cabin/lavatory.. geez these people must be taught a nice lesson
  9. Seriously if AK's LHR-KUL is really cheap.. if it's cheaper by few hundred I'd rather pay more to go for a full service airline
  10. Wahh.. won't change, won't change. Stick to your channel. *Keep clicking refresh* Nice shot of Dash and Cityliner!
  11. Hey Sneeze, is this the GFS (Govt Flying Service of HK) heli? Looks different from those in the TVB drama series. LOL
  12. I saw Heliconia at the MAS hangar at SZB today (I mean 18th). Wonder if that's the MRD or another new Heliconia?
  13. They don't have a 310/AB6 Pax version IIRC, maybe you're refering to Crystal Cargo?
  14. Imran, whats the difference between the Brunei and AK 320, and the Indian Airlines A320? The main landing gear looks different. Different model?
  15. Pieter, the flag near the rear is different. The one carrying Norway flag is for domestic flights in Norway, right? While the other one is for international? One is SAS Norway (Braathens) and another is SAS International?
  16. EK? Thats definately cool, I would be travelling on 21st(sept), but it's flexible though, anytime from 20th to 26th would be good for me.
  17. Muhammad Ruzaini Ahmad you should participate in Skytrax's survey, and make QR lose it's 5 star airline title. How can a 5 star airline offer so so service?
  18. Tempted to top up another MYR200 to switch to EK. But accoridng to their website, KUL-DXB would be on A332. Not B773ER? Btw, anyone been on AB6? How was the flight? Comfortable? Quiet?
  19. I have no choice, it seems that every KUL-DOH flight is opearted by AB6. Wow thats a big blow. Do they allow the usage of laptop/cameras onboard then?
  20. Hmmm... this is my flight schedule: Qatar Airways (QR 621) dep: 07:45 - Kuala Lumpur (KUL) terminal arr: 10:10 - Doha (DOH) terminal equipment: Airbus Industrie A300-600/600C Qatar Airways (QR 001) dep: 12:30 - Doha (DOH) terminal arr: 17:55 - London (LHR) terminal 3 equipment: Airbus Industrie A330-200 Do you guys think 2 hours 20 minutes interval is sufficient? Does A300-600 have PTV? Or it's an overhead one? If there's no PTV, and usage of laptop/camera is not allowed in the cabin, then what am I going to do in that (how many hours?) flight to DOH?
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