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  1. Ethiopian Airlines is increasing frequency in KUL. What a good news! till 17JUN13 1 daily Addis Ababa – Bangkok – Hong Kong 3 weekly Addis Ababa – Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur eff 18JUN13 Addis Ababa – Bangkok 3 weekly 767-300ER ET626 ADD0040 – 1320BKK 763 246 ET627 BKK0140 – 0620ADD 763 357 Addis Ababa – Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur Service increases from 3 to 4 weekly ET618 ADD0040 – 1320BKK1430 – 1800KUL 763 x246 ET619 KUL2325 – 0025+1BKK0140+1 – 0610+1ADD 763 x246 Addis Ababa – Hong Kong – Manila 3 weekly 767-300ER ET628 ADD0005 – 1500HKG1600 – 1800MNL 763 246 ET629 MNL2200 – 2355HKG0055+1 – 0655+1ADD 763 246 ET does not have local traffic rights on Hong Kong – Manila sector. Addis Ababa – Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon 4 weekly 767-300ER ET608 ADD2315 – 1415+1HKG1515+1 – 1930+1ICN 763 x135 ET609 ICN2050 – 2335HKG0035+1 – 0635+1ADD 763 x246 ET does not have local traffic rights on Hong Kong – Seoul Incheon sector. Source: http://airlineroute.net/2013/02/12/et-asia-jun13update2/
  2. Oneworld had updated their website with MH entry date on the front page.
  3. MH: 737-400, 737-800, 777-200, A330-200, A330-300 AK: 737-300, 737-400, A320 D7: A330-300 FY: F50, ATR 72 SQ: 777-200, 777-300, A330-300, A380-800 GA: 737-800 BA: 747-400 KL: 747-400 SJ: 737-400 SV: 747-400, 747-300/200
  4. Yup. Toothbrush and paste is quite important during long haul flight bcoz the passenger will arrive in the morning. Maybe the toothbrush and paste will be added later on because this one only to showcase their new amenity kit to the media. Or the toothbrush n paste will be given if the passenger request for it. So that, MH can control the cost.
  5. I know everyone felt very disappointed with the tail logo. For me, the paint on the fuselage and engines is not that bad. It will be more lovely if they change the tail to the original color (red n blue). Lets forget about the paint job. Now lets see what is the new updates that MH bring to wow their customers. Like everyone knows, starting 1st July, steward will be wearing a new grey suit. This would be a good update from MH as the old green color looks too tired and old. New amenity kits for MH long-haul in economy class! New tray for economy. Its very beautiful. First class passenger will get a duvet and pillow with new pattern. Same goes to the head rest cover (same pattern with the duvet and pillow). The pattern is different from the one used during the joyride. And the Bvlgari amenity kits in a black color bag. And blue pyjamas. Unfortunately, I misplace my camera cable and forgot to take pic using my tab. But, u can hv a look at a pattern from the star. I didnt take pic for business bcoz i took too much time in economy and first. MH only showcase 2 seats from every section (first and business) which is one in full flat with duvet n etc. Another one in upright position with the full set of 'pinggan mangkuk'. So, not sure what is the new update for business passenger.
  6. Here is the fact sheet given during the ceremony. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  7. Based on the press release, they will be deploying their first dugongs to LHR, the third one to SYD effective 25 Nov 2012, the fourth one to NRT, the fifth one to PEK and the last one is yet to be decided.
  8. I was there just now for the welcoming ceremony of MNA. Will post the pics later.
  9. ACI has released the ranking for Top 30 World's Busiest Airport for January 2012. Last year, KLIA managed to secure a place in Top 30. This year might be a tough year for KLIA after MH and D7 dropped several routes after a share-swap and some airlines pulled out from KUL. But, there's still hope to maintain top 30 because there are some routes frequencies and capacities had been increased such as LAX, VTE, PEK, TPE, MNL, HKG and etc. And there are some new entrants such as Bangkok Airways, Mandala and Airphil. 2012 is the trickiest year for all airlines operation after a hike in fuel price, EU financial crisis and unstable USD currency causing all airlines around the world to take drastic measure and scalling back their operation to make sure they were stay in profitability. Despite all these events occurred, Asia Pacific region still enjoy their economic booming and air travel growth. In Top 30, most of the airports recorded a growth except for 5 airports recorded a negative growth mostly in US (Denver, Phoenix and Houston) 1 in Europe (Madrid) and 1 in Asia (Haneda). 8 airports recorded a double digit growth ie Jakarta (17.3) Hong Kong (15.2) Guangzhou (15.1) Delhi (14.5) Shanghai Pudong (13.9) Suvarnabumi (12.9) Changi (12.1) and San Francisco (11.4). The breakdown of airport by region: 12 airports from America, 11 from Asia, 5 from Europe, 1 from Ocenia and South America. ASEAN still have 4 representative led by Suvarnabumi (4), Jakarta (9), Changi (12) and KLIA (21). The margin between ASEAN aiports: Suvarnabumi <451,075> Jakarta <299,185> Changi <1,000,232> KLIA. KLIA recorded 8.7 growth in January which handled 3,244,602. If KLIA continues to maintain its growth, we might see KLIA breaks into 40 millions mark by the end of this year. Credit to Azizul for standard writing scheme
  10. Hmm. Interesting. The business class looks nice. Economy same with A330. I hope there is a cupholder for economy. But, no photo for suite.
  11. If you look at the advert, there will be something just right below the logo and part of it body. If it true this is already in full color, its too plain and obviously a failure n boring
  12. Yup, agree. The water color effect was a very good idea. It looks fresh and cool By looking at the space between the tail and font, the new livery will be look bigger and it will cover half of the body. Can't wait to see it in full color!
  13. Guys, look at the advert tab. It showing the new livery! And new color for MH. All in blue. But, it looks like white is still a dominant color.
  14. I've asked the customer support. They said "right now there is no direct flight for KUL-POM vv but it connects either through Hong Kong or Japan in to Port Moresby on certain dates".
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