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  1. Just noticed that Aero Darat has taken over as ground staff in PEN airport
  2. The latest one includes all types powder too...
  3. Anyone trying this? https://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/en/enrich/news-promotions/enrich_status_match/elite_status.html Been thinking of leaving QPRC after QR stop flying to Dubai and Saudi Arabia (most of my flights on QR) and looking for new OneWorld Alliance FPP. However, I am not able to meet the credit card requirement, which is odd for a status match.
  4. My family just took the business class to MEL. My sister was happy with 1K, but both my parents in 4K and 6K were complaining about the small footwell once the seat is in bed mode. Apparently, there are 2 things protuding out from the footwell as well. Do the A seats have better footwell? Or the 2 center seats? Thinking of changing their seats for the return flight. Thanks in advance.
  5. The flight ex-KUL to NRT in J seemed to be full everytime I took it
  6. It happened in KLIA as well. It was down for about 10 minutes last night around between 5.40pm and 6.00pm when I was checking in for the MH flight. From check in till boarding was affected. Luckily, it came back after a while
  7. Not sure if it is me or the system. Since I now only have 20k miles, I am only able to see flights redemption to Bangkok in Y for about 8k+ miles. Tried simulating for J, it shows zero availability in Aug. Tried searching for flights to other destinations, all zeroed out as not available. Is the new system only showing flight availability based on the miles that we have in hand?
  8. Did anyone face the same issue for the latest app update where we can no longer see upcoming trips?
  9. Big issue for business travellers to ME from the US. My colleagues have to fly through Frankfurt instead
  10. Had the same issue with Qatar in Kuwait. Somehow the system not able to print the status there. I realized and told the check in staff about it and she just bluntly told me that Qatar do not recognize Enrich Gold status. So, no lounge access. Still went to the lounge, showed the actual card and the lounge staff allowed me to enter.
  11. I guessed I must have missed it. I was actually looking around for it and wondered where it is. My mistake for not asking the front desk...silly me
  12. Having been to both, I actually prefer the PPL which comes with Shower Facilities.
  13. This could be one stupid question. Is 180k avios equivalent to 180k enrich miles?? From baec, i will need 180k avois and pay USD780 in taxes for one way.
  14. Is there a way to check on the availability for OneWorld? I can easily see for Star Alliance through United, but not for OneWorld. The one stop service could be either through LHR on BA or through DOH on Qatar. The idea of flying into LAX or SFO is also a great one though, just need to find the way to find the availability
  15. Anyone knows the right channel to ask on Enrich redemption with OneWorld airlines? I have contacted Enrich and they instead ask me to contact the reservation by phone. As I am currently based in Houston, it will cost me a bomb to call back. Does anyone know the email address to contact reservation? I am planning to redeem for a one way trip from KUL to Houston next year
  16. The reporting seems to be weird. I thought the pilots key in the wrong location and the computer gave some weird response during airborne. To solve the issue, they wanted to return to SYD but due to weather, they were asked to divert to MEL instead. Not like they key in the location to MEL..did I miss something??
  17. I flew to Bangalore once with a load lighter than this, but I guess they could have more load on the return flight. I flew once in QR drom KUL to HKT on A330 with only 2 families on board with a total pax of 10. Felt like private plane..
  18. Adding a few more of pictures The throne seat in 1K, 4K and 6K Storage compartment with mirror New touch panel with mood lighting control and massage Upclose on the panel Overall, it is a much better one than the current one that they have. Good job there!!
  19. I was there too! Did you try the throne seat as they called it?? I felt that people taller than 6ft may have difficulty to lie flat on the seat though..haha
  20. Looks like I was wrong then to assume all to be completed by April. Since all 15 aircrafts to be completed by Sept, then it will be like a roulette to see which plane you end up with between April to Sept for J class. Since the number of seats is also reduced, seat allocation will be a challenge if there is a last minute aircraft change
  21. Any idea if they have started refurbishing the A330 with the new business class seats? How long does it usually take to remove and install the seats?
  22. No more Enrich from flying Firefly starting from Jan 2016 http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/content/dam/malaysia-airlines/mas/PDF/enrich/faqs/FAQ%20for%20FY%20FINAL.pdf?nomobredirect=true&mobile=false&cid=PDM4455&bid=312841593
  23. I have not tried their A350 or A380 yet, but a couple of times in the 777-300ER. For me, it is good in both Y and J. They even give out pyjamas in J for the DOH-KUL sector.
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