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  1. Just saw the latest updates from Phoenix news, Astro channel 323 saying that there are 8 chinese onboard, acoording to China embassy in Brazil, one of them is from Zhe jiang, China. Not sure how true is that.
  2. If anyone is picked, do promote MWs indirectly to him too
  3. He closed his blog Everything comes to an end.
  4. Was there an incident happened on MH B777? There was not enough enough info to figure it out from YellowHerbie
  5. Yeah I think so IIRC. I will confirm again with him. I have just came back from KL. The officer in US Embassy approved my VISA application but then still waiting approval from Washington. Huh?!
  6. I've just checked and the PEN-SIN sector is flown by MI on that day :finger: Sure, I will ask and see. Thanks lot!
  7. I think the agent is booking the flights which are also the same as those we found in UA websites. So, how do we know which class is it? Eww..then we should have travelled on SQ instead of TG :finger:
  8. Haha! Yea now Afiq clarified for us already Yea that made me wonder cause you were sitting in "trippy" istead of the Bus..
  9. By the way, I've signed up the Mileage Plus in UA websties but I know there something called "United Mileage Plus® Visa® Signature card" which we can apply online. Anyone here has it? Is it correct that we need to pay USD250 to be qualified to apply and to get the 30,000 miles? Besides, I'm abit confused on the miles collected travelling with StarAlliance airlines. Last year I flew with TG from PEN all the way to MEL. I did apply for the TG Star Alliance card and I received the card,with thousands of miles collected, few weeks after I registered on board. I will be travelling on SQ and UA in August to Florida so can I use that card number too? Or do I have ask my agent to book with my United Mileage Plus card number which I've just applied?
  10. The 'Afiq' in the photo is one of my friend in my msn ontact list and I still remembered that he doesn't join MalaysianWings even I introduced it to him few years back. So, Mr "Mohd. Afiq A.", are you the Afiq in my MSN? Mr.Zulhaimi = Yellow Herbie? I have been reading his blog for long time already and still I don't get bored
  11. When my father tried to book tickets for us last December, he was told by travel agent that only yearly ticket holders are allowed to exit Changi.That's why we opted TG instead of SQ
  12. Oh God I missed out that bold word stating the lowest price. Found it. Thanks! Keith I found this in fare rules. PERMITTED 01JAN THROUGH 13JAN OR 23MAY THROUGH 07SEP OR 16NOV THROUGH 31DEC ON THE OUTBOUND TRANSPACIFIC SECTOR. Huh..no brainer? Why say so Seth? I get a deal which costs me around RM6634 for PEN to MCO But in the Option 2 I have provided, PEN-SIN and SIN-LHR is served by SQ Great. If I am able to get the USD 700 it saves alot of bucks
  13. I'm leaving in 15/16 Aug to Orlando, Florida and am searching for cheapest deals to travel from Penang to Orlando Int'l Airport (MCO) in Florida. So far I have browsed through EK, MH, SQ and United Airlines and United Airlines gives the best deal. Options from United Airlines: 1) SIN-KHG-ORD-MCO = USD 1073 2) PEN-SIN-LHR-IAD-MCO = USD1378 The difference is around RM1000 but I still need to minus out the RM470 for PEN-SIN if I choose option 1. That means if I pay extra Rm500 I get to fly A380 on SIN-LHR if I choose option2 and I don't mind having more stops and I get to travel to more airports Anyways, any other options guys? Thanks!
  14. Yeah have been reading it for quite some times already, but I still like it. The passion
  15. Thanks Li Ren! I'm looking forward I feel that if we pay 34k per year to get study the aeronautical science, it is not really worth it. But alot of foreigners are majoring in that
  16. I saw this Gulfstream just now too when sending my sis to airport..Lucky I am
  17. Hey Leong, thanks for that! Sorry for late reply, I could not reply due to the poor internet connection. Yea perhaps I can join the program and exchange to NZ for some times. I love NZ alot I got the application fees waiver from AZ campus and I tought it was from Daytona Beach Campus. I applied and only found it out halfway but DB campus waived it for me too I prefer the weather in Az than the Florida's Oh ya guys, I have paid my tuition fees deposit and confirmed my enrollment as new ERAU transfer student
  18. 34k USD includes everything, from tuition fees to all the living expenses, but I believe it's just the minimum Hmmm mostly by Aug I'll 'end up' in Florida I guess
  19. Chuo Shen you mean your uni has program exchange with ERAU? Azizul, the cost of attendance for every academic year is 34k USD..this is one of my concern as the economy now is kind of unstable. Thanks Afiq! Thanks Pieter I was really on the cloud nine when I got the acceptance letter !
  20. Hey guys, Good day! Anyone heard of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University(Daytona Beach, Florida Campus) before? I am accepted into their Aerospace Engineering program but still waiting decisions from other Universities which I have applied. So , any comment on this University? Mod, please help to move if I'm posting at wrong section. Regards
  21. Luckily it crash landed on a cleared land rather than those with trees..R.I.P !
  22. If Im not mistaken, 7 pm everyday @ Channel 553
  23. Ah I didnt.. I was worrying my safety and it was a midnight flight.. lights off and most are snoozing..
  24. Uhhh MAS..you should have done something better =.= A moron was seated behind my seats in my last midnight flight from MEL-BKK with TG.He is a white and was already drunk before boarding. Cabin lights were off and I was watching movie when he starts to disturb. He stood up and put up a plastic bad on his head as a hat, yelled, shouted rude words after pushing & kicking my chairs. I complaint to a flight attendant many times and the inflight supervisor came. She asked me about the situation, made an apology to me and she turned and warned that fellow. Fortunately that stupid fellow did not make much noise after that. Good job TG
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