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    Reading some aircaft maintenance hand book, doing some research in aircraft engines, playing FSX,04 and watching aircrash investigations..etc
  1. Hi Guys I just want to enquiries if do spotting at 32R which is recomemded spotting area, As i know do spotting in 32R is easy but is full of fences blocking and meanwhile for 32L is more harder as well, but as I seen all the photos taken here is perfectly good and I just curious to know the spotting area and it will be much appreciated if some of the expert here able to share with me. Thank you.
  2. Yup, The MH370 still operating as usual by the most youngest B777-200ER 9M-MRQ in MH B777 Family.
  3. the Aircraft which involved in this incidents was an Air India Flight 301 B787-800 Dreamliner with the reg number VT-ANJ from MEL-DEL. The Technical problems was reported by the captain onboard when the aircraft is about crossing the Lumpur Airspace at time 17.36 with 38,000ft. The captain are requested emergency landing from our ATC and the ATC was immediately advice the AI301 to maintain present heading all the way to Perak and begin to decent the flight level 20,000ft, the plane was make large huge circle towards malacca straits and begin to dumb fuel, after an hour at time 18.30 the aircraft was directed by Lumpur Arrival, the plane was make an approach via Nipar three Alpha arrival Runway 32L. Finally the plane was landed safety at KLIA.
  4. The white Pencil A346 just take off from runway 32R at 2.20am and the destinations are heading to Manchester!! As what I check from flight radar 24
  5. Dear Malaysianwings members Today, I just got to spotted something unusual in flightradar24, That is one of the AirAsia A320 REG 9M-AHH it seem in trouble, Because This flight has been take off from RWY 14R about 30 minutes later and suddenly making a 360 degree turn and holding the altitude between FL32,000 and FT25,000 almost 2 hours around the Melacca strait area. Did everyone know what exactly happen for this flight?
  6. Pure and white..Nice Cargolux B744F picture^^ But unfortunately they are switch back to 32L almost a week and never using any 14L since on last Monday at 2.00pm
  7. Of cause I know is nothing special, But what i wondering is about the flight path of both aircraft.. it seem have to make huge turn before it can proceed their final approach.
  8. Dear Malaysianwings members Well, Today I just getting spotted something very special in our KLIA airspace. It seem today our KUL airspace was in heavy Air traffic..
  9. Yes! Just noticed this RBA bird, and he just pass by around my residents area around 5,000ft.. Nice catch dude^^
  10. Dear all MW members Just getting spotted with this old bird at Flightradar24, This MD11 reg no Z-BVT is belongs to Avient Aviations and wearing the code of SMJ342F and just now was ready for her final approach at runway 14L around 5.10pm. Did everyone here got any idea what she doing here at KUL?
  11. Oic..But it seem Air Zimbabwe are not really popular, although their company has been established long time ago. Yes you are right they only got 2 wide body aircraft (B762ER) for serving long haul destinations. I think they should leased more newly aircraft and expands more destinations. Anyway thanks for sharing the info with me
  12. Oic..No wonder so many aircraft flyby with low altitude at the klang valley and Cheras Area on this few days. Anyway thanks for your info. But another questions from me is Why most of the KLIA ATC are prefer to use 32 more than 14? what's different between 2 mode of selections. Oops..sorry..miss identified with the model haha..Actually most of the time is very difficult for me to know whether is 762 or 763 because both of them are almost same, but only different with the length of fuselage and capacity. Anyway I more interest in B767 series Aircraft, Although they been very old aircraft. Thanks for correct my mistake
  13. Wow..nice photos especially the cuttie WWOW A320 and the old bird B767-300.. Anyway is nice to see runway 14 in use again since on last year ..Do somebody here know when the Runway 14 will be close?
  14. Yes, I found it at Facebook, anyway thanks for your info, if I have a time it sure will have a visit at LEX Sim. Your guys just done great job in promote Flight Simulations
  15. I agree with your opinion, I also got no idea how the KLIA can entitled as World best airport of the year on past 2 years.
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