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  1. Seems like angmoh is always friendlier even after 911
  2. Why not, Adam? When I boarded the aircraft at PEN, I was greeted by a cabin crew. I requested for cockpit visit later after the plane has landed in SIN. He told me to stand aside and gave him a second, he went straight into the cockpit and talked to the S/O (Captain was in bathroom). And guess what I was granted a visit right before we departed. I talked to both pilots, where the Captain turned out to be Penangite like myself and wish me luck for my interview. Also, I was offered to have a seat on the left seat of an UA 319 by the Captain himself at IAD Another two times were on AK's 320 right seat and Tiger's 320 left seat at SIN and HKG.
  3. Any pictures yet? http://www.al.com/newsflash/index.ssf?/base/international-28/1271164338246020.xml&storylist=international
  4. Hey congrats to Captain TK! been inactive for past few months ..hopefully u're gonna be on the left seat of my flight when i head back to Malaysia in july
  5. Seems like Malaysia is having surplus of pilots, even in the airlines Got something interesting randomly form Google. Back in 1994 http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=1309&dat=19940511&id=t5sWAAAAIBAJ&sjid=rBMEAAAAIBAJ&pg=1239,197553
  6. Oh. Cause I thought the special option for Malaysians is 'special' because we don't have to do conversion.
  7. Yea, was it used to be named as Flight Training Adelaide? And, I guess you would need to do conversion upon your graduation in the Adelaide Flight Training Center to be recognized by DCA right?
  8. Yo brother, drop by at Florida when you get to Texas! I guarantee you with lots of CRJs and MD-88
  9. Hey guys! Been inactive for a while but I come up with this, which I think would be kind of beneficial to pilot-wannabe. If you want to be self-sponsored, you might want to look on this as well. The price is kind of reasonable I guess, comparing to the amount charged in Malaysia. http://basair.com.au/index.php/learn-to-fly/international-students/malaysian-students.html
  10. yeah..was shock when i saw Mr.W is tagged in one of the photos.congrats bro!
  11. 787 First Flight Countdown Resumes was suppose to be on 22nd Dec, and now it changes to 14th Dec http://www.aviationweek.com/aw/generic/story_channel.jsp?channel=comm&id=news/FIRST120109.xml&headline=787%20First%20Flight%20Countdown%20Resumes http://www.flightglobal.com/articles/2009/12/02/335687/flightblogger-787-first-flight-targets-14-december.html
  12. Argh i've been missing all these big jets.. I have enough of CRJ 200 and Cessna
  13. Yea, it's hard to get internship in sophomore year but we are strongly encouraged to apply, even the freshmen they are encouraged to apply too. Most likely we won't get hired for intership, but it's good to expose ourselves. That'll be easier when you look for internship in Junior or Senior year and it would be beneficial if you can get one in sophomore year
  14. Hi guys, I have not been here quite a while and I came up with some questions:) I'm looking for internship with them and I have got a reply from Eurocopter. That lady told me to expect a reply from them within 2 weeks if I'm shortlisted on last monday. So tomorrow will be the last chance. However, is there anyone here that is working in Ariod or Eurocopter Malaysia and is there anyone working as their intern before? Any opinions on their internship program? Thanks.
  15. Thanks Tamizi! Class has started on Monday and tough days ahead! =) Some other photos to share : My first flight in Cessna 172 SP.. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=103259&id=711424020&l=eaa80eee80 It's a public link so anyone can access it. Enjoy guys!
  16. Yea sure, why not? By the way, for the TR, I suggest u guys come over here to view some photos i've taken if not, im not sure when will u guys see my TR http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=102798&id=711424020&l=b57847ce3d It's a public link of my album in facebook.. Enjoy guys!
  17. There will be, maybe tonight since I guess I have nothing to do..hmmm But there wont be plenty of photos.yea thats all for now oh yea guys i've spending like 5 days in Florida and everything goes well and is pretty smooth Everyone and everything here is all about aviation.. i should have brought MalaysianWings polo-t over here to 'advertise;
  18. I'm at Incheon now..waiting for the flight to Atlanta Thanks bro, miss the spotting session in Pen =D Thanks Li Ren..take care ya =) Thanks Azizul =D Argh I will try to fork out some free time to pay a visit..thanks Pieter=D
  19. I'm leaving to Florida later.MH 1157 departing at 6.40pm wil bring me to KUL before continuing my flights to ICN,ATL and DAB. See yeah guys soon =)
  20. Just read from the newspaper that a Korean Air B773 had a tail strike at Narita. Anyone posted it? Video : http://nycaviation.com/2009/07/13/video-korean-air-777-300er-tail-strike-at-tokyo-airport/
  21. Is there any difference between H class and M class , as both are Economy/Coach Discounted fare, according to Wikipedia? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travel_class Thanks guys
  22. They can dive if the sea bed is not too deep, and they can send a robot with 2 hands(forgotten what do they call it) if it's lcoated too deep in the sea.
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