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  1. Hello Mwings people! stumbled upon this old thread of mine today. Just wondering howzit been for you guys? I''ve managed to get my wings over the years and I can say it has been a wonderful journey! I wonder if old timers here still visit this site, say hi if you do and lets catch up. Cheers!
  2. She's cute! Seems that SilverFly is not down the drain after all yah. Any info on the fleet?
  3. Flew on the new 738 last night (LGK - KUL). It was Impressive. Mind if i ask, the in- flight entertainment system is not meant for short haul route is it?
  4. Of Course the particular company has its own recognition among the airlines. Its just that the thinking and impressions of these peoples about Airlines in indonesia is bad in the first place. Kinda difficult to convince them....
  5. Now that I'm making up my mind to go for indonesian airline, there are few people out there giving me negatives responses of not to go there due to safety issues over there mainly. What do you people think? How do you convince those people regarding this? Help please. thanks.
  6. I believes the pilots are inducted through MAS Cadet Pilot Programme and are distributed to the main fleet and MasWing thereafter. Some are inducted through Direct-Entry programme by MasWing itself.
  7. Give it a shot, more opportunities coming in in the years to come. Its either gamble or tremble.... =)
  8. Wow! Great experiences you got there! 1000hours in that type huh? are you working for some charter or so? For me, got my PPL in PA28 and now im with PA34-220. They are aged, but they are still a great thing to fly and love them so much! hehe...thanks mate! I thought of that too but...That particular pay-yourself-for-the-type-rating I meant was the one in Indonesia where it is said that a job is GUARANTEED for you?! So I was thinking, if I got the money, why not invest to something that promises you a career and what important here is the hours collected thereafter. Regarding the AFI course, I think Asia Pacific Flight Training in Kelantan might be looking for some. I heard they just bought 10 new PA28s for that matter. You might want to try it over there but many are reluctant to work there just because of, i dont know, they said there no life there. But i guess its all on ones point of view right? Good Luck man!
  9. Once I graduate from the academy I'll be having 165 hours in single engine & 35hours of twin ( including 10 hours sim ) and thats it. And there's no multi- crew experience there except that we are trained for multi crew environment. With our current aviation condition, I know that I cant afford to be choosy in making out for the job and that is why I am trying to pull out every possibility and chances that is there for me as earliest as possible. Im a private cadet and there's a heck of a loan to pay regardless of whether or not I managed to secure a job later. Personally I agree with you regarding the airbus thing but then again, cant be choosy though.... If its gotta be "computer manager" for me, then I guess I'll just stick with the flow. I do love boeing personally, even 747 arouses me more than the fat 380... here in my academy, we are still using old piper aircrafts which mean all that we have is analogue compared to those school having Diamonds for their training with the glass cockpit and GPS. We go for nav at 2000ft where we can maintain visual with the terrain whilst those guys climb to almost 10000ft into the clouds and can happily navigate with their instruments ( although not so computer-managed)but still... All I got in mind right now is to finish this course ASAP then start hunting for the job. My thoughts are: 1. Direct Entry ( Local Airlines -FY,AK,MH, Maswing, Berjaya Air???) 2. Direct Entry ( Via Pay- yourself- for-the-type-rating) maybe Indonesia, that is why Im trying to make it clear here 3. AFI ( Well, this is my final resort. If I have to start my career this way then, I guess I'll do it.
  10. Thats what it seems to be for the next FEW years...true, but can't wait for the FEW years to come by without doing nothing...Or maybe hopefully those FEW years will start next year itself. finger crossed.
  11. Indonesia is listed! Great! Thanks! Exactly what I am looking for. Yup, getting the job is the highest priority indeed. WILCO, thanks!
  12. I see... Is Indonesia an ICAO recognized country then? I could see(and hear) that some of AK and MH pilots are indeed indonesian though... Is your previous company would be an issue if you are to go to another company in the future? I mean, yeah I heard UAE loves Malaysian pilots...but would they love Indonesian pilots too? Maybe this is too early for me but, I think its good to know before you proceed rather than going in blind right? thanks. The transition is kinda....scary...that "draduate" was a typo but its such a beautiful coincidence isn't it? lol =)
  13. Hi there everyone. Im going to make it simple straight forward here. I'm a cadet pilot(private)of a local flying school here. About to graduate in 2 more weeks. I'm very worried of not able to secure a job thereafter with our current aviation state. I'm aware that the big names like FY, AK, and even MAS are expanding their fleets as we speaking but to me the competition is very stiff. Whilst giving a shot on direct intakes and what not, I was told by a friend that we ( the fresh grads) can opt to go to Indonesia, for type rating(on our own expense) and a job is guaranteed for us there. With B737 rating offered there and seeing that the opportunity is there, I was thinking, why not?? BUT, a big doubt here is...Well we all know that Indonesia got some safety issues on their aviation line...SO, I am wondering whether the HOURS I clocked flying there are going to be recognized by other airlines(outside Indo)if I am to hoop on later on? Been trying to find the answer quite some time... Seem Most of you here are old-timer in this industry, I was thinking you guys might want to give a hand to this poor kid trying to dig some hole searching for a light for the sake of his future.... Thanks! =)
  14. PERDANAs used to fly to WMKM(Melaka) few times this year-maybe for training or "rehearsal flight" i guess. Seen them quite a number of time. =)
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