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  1. QR just announce LGK as their new destination 2018/2019
  2. OD to fly KUL-PER this coming November http://indo-aviation.com/2015/09/08/malindo-air-terbang-ke-perth-di-bulan-november-2015/
  3. last week i saw a photo in Instagram...only 4 pax on board in Y!!
  4. Different business class seats in both ..wonder why
  5. couldn't agree more..functionality wise..its there...as long it gets you from point A to B safely..I'm happy with it..hey..i still miss the old IKEA-ish LCCT!
  6. Topping up another layer is just the short term solution. Its the underneath structure need to be fixed.
  7. not sure about HIA Main Terminal Building...it was not part of our scope..ours was only runway taxiway system / tunnels
  8. They were too busy after the world biggest lcct title that they overlooked even the simplest thing .. lol
  9. The piece that detached can be considered as FOD at BKI...dangerous indeed...how long does it take for the BKI staff to realize the FOD was on the runway?
  10. to begin with, i was suprised to see these parkings bays are flexible pavement (same material as runways) and not concrete pavement which can withstand heavier load on static mode..last weekend Mahb closed 2 bays at J7 and J9...suspect the same case as aboveBy the way those reinforced blocks seems to be temporary measures...look closelythose are on the exact path of the load from the wheels..i can guarantee cracks will happen soon surrounding it..gd luck malaysia airport
  11. different Middle East countries different rules..UAE is very lenient..no such thing as exit permit...in Qatar..you need your sponsor to sign off your exit permit before you can exit the country...its like a jail basically.. a good friend of mine who was an ex QR cabin crew got blacklisted from entering Qatar just because she asked for 24hr resignation notice ( she wanted to get married but was told to postpone it by management).. despite of the almost non existence of human rights...i survived Qatar for 4.5yrs
  12. not approved by bomba...typical...same case as Hamad and Berlin... so the blaming game continues..contractor blame consultant for a design which does not follow the requirement...and consultant will blame client for not providing the right specification. nothing new to me.
  13. Perhaps I will just join to the nasi lemak bashing bandwagon and will come out with TR on what GA has to offer for a 55min flight from PLM-CGK. It will put MH to shame I tell ya.
  14. Thanks for the photos.. 10x better than Golden Lounge. The first photo I noticed that odd looking column. The same tilted columns for the roof structure at the so called anjung tinjau.
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