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  1. Thanks guys! It's good to know that my pics are appreciated! On my Canon 7D I've used these lenses to make the photos: Canon 24-105L Canon 100-400L Sigma 10-20 More pics from NZ (non aviation related) are on my website, either in a travel blog, or in the gallery[/url, in random order, (just pics, no Dutch story) that goes with it. Think that you will find that it wasn't a spotting trip at all. Made 'only' 1000 aviation photo's in the periode that I left and arrived at Schiphol, Amsterdam. Not all pics are good enough for posting, but still... The rest of my 4000 photo's during the holiday are all non-aviation related.
  2. Thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed these pictures! @Raj: These are all the airports I've visited. I wasn't on a spotting trip, so I just photographed some aviation area's I've passed on my route. @S V Choong: #76 is Mt. Egmont, but that's probably the English name for Mt. Taranaki? I've visited Dunedin, the city itself, not the airport. Wasn't time for that, I've ejoyed the town and an excursion to a Seal/Pengiun colony. You're correct on the Emirates aircraft. The Origin Pacific aircraft is ZK-JSA (actually this is the last British Aerospace Jetstream 31 ever build, so I've been told).
  3. #60 #61 Fox Glacier #62 #63 #64 #65 #66 Queenstown #67 #68 #69 Te Anau #70 Christchurch #71 #72 #73 #74 #75 #76 Auckland #77 #78 #79 #80 #81 #82 #83 Kuala Lumpur #84 Schiphol #85
  4. Here are some more pics, from New Zealand. I'll add the last batch later on. I've had a great (but short) time at KUL. If I'm ever there I hope that I will have the time and opportunity to spot outside the terminal as well. The glass was acceptable for this time, but most of the exotic planes I wasn't able to photograph. But still, KLIA is a nice place! Even met another Dutch spotter there wil I was spotting from the observation area, small world. Taupo #31 Waterplane that made a low pass over Taupo city. #32 Waterplanes on Lake Taupo. #33 A kiwi build aircraft! (At Taupo Airport) #34 Cockpit of the kiwi build plane. Tongariro National Park #34 About to take me on a flight of the Tongariro national park. #35 View from the aircraft over the Tongariro national park. #36 Mountain Air's 2nd aircraft. Wellington #37 Wellington Airport seen from Peak Victoria. #38 Taken from the ferry between Wellington and the South Island. #39 Taken from the ferry between Wellington and the South Island Nelson Airport #40 #41 #42 #43 #44 #45 #46 #47 #48 #49 #50 #51 #52 #53 #54 #55 #56 #57 #58 #59
  5. In februari / march 2011 i've been on holiday to New Zealand. Main goal there was to enjoy all the good things of this beautiful country! A mission that was accomplisched very vell! For those of you who are interested in seeing/reading what I've experienced there, you can read a very thorough travel blog with loads of photographs and a few movies on my personal website (currently only in Dutch). Spotting was a secondary mission, that on occasion, I was able to do! Some images are of less quality than others, due to the fact that some had to be made through an aircraft's window or a tick layer of glass (Kuala Lumpur). This post (part 1) includes aviation related images from my flight to New Zealand and shots I've made on the North Island, during the first weeks of my trip there. Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur - Auckland - Paihia - Taupo - Tongariro - Wellington. All pics are clickable to 1024x683. Schiphol #1 "My" bird at SPL waiting for departure to KUL Before I boarded, i've made some images of some regulars. Wouldn't see them for a couple of weeks anyway. #2: #3: #4 #5 #6 #7 Kuala Lumpur After landing I was allowed to visit the flightdeck. Very friendly crew. The captain even gave me some spotting tips (behind customs). Unfortunately I did not have the opportuny to go spotting there, but I still like the fact that the captain gave me those tips. I think he liked seeing a Dutch aviation freak. #8 #9 Next I went to the hotel, slept, showerd and than returned to the airport for some spotting from the observation deck. Unfortunately very thick glass, so images didn't turn out perfectly. #10 - View from the terminal of one of the platforms. #11 Qatar A330. #12 MAS 737 in old colors. #13 #14 MAS 737 in new colors. Hope for a 747 in these colors at SPL soon! #15 Zooming on a 737 #16 MAS A330 #17 And an other MAS 737, never ending stream of those! All the more interesting stuff was on a remote terminal. Couldn't make nice shots due to the glass and heatwaves. #18 "KLIA" tower. Auckland #19 Sunrise from a 777 above Australia heading towards New Zealand. #20 First look at New-Zealand: #21 First exotic stuff! Unfortunately the aircraft window was still in the way. #22 777 cockpit at Auckland. #23 "My" 777. #24 Qantas 737 at the gate. #25 Kiwi 767 at the gate. #26 Kiwi 777 on the platform. #27 Sia 773. #28 Helicopter at Auckland's parking lot. Paihia (Bay of Islands #29 A helicopter at Pahia #30 No flight with this one, but was allowed to have a look in the cockpit. I have more (up to 85...), but I can't seem to post more than 30?
  6. I'll try and see if I can and will be allowed to spot there. Otherwise the observation deck will be my second choice. I don't mind airbone shots. I'll be happy to catch anything that I don't see at Schiphol. Great shot by the way. The A380 isn't a regular visitor at KUL is it? What about traffic volume? At Schiphol I'm used to an aircraft departing/arriving every few minutes (during the day). Regards, Derice.
  7. This link should work. Sorry! http://goo.gl/maps/vcPE Thanks for the advice! I will keep that in mind an will print some of my photos I have on Jetphotos / Airliners.net. I will arrive/depart on the 21st (just little less than a week from now).
  8. Hi Norman & Walter, Thanks for your replies! I'll certainly try the observation deck. But I'd love to catch some birds landing/departing as well. I've got a 100-400L on my 7D, so should be okay to cross some distance. I will arrive with a morning flight from Amsterdam, and will depart on an evening flight to Auckland. So I think i'll have most of the daylight at my disposal. (If I can keep my eyes open). I'm willing to walk / take taxi somewhere as well, for example to the 32R/14L runway. I noticed on Google Maps that there is a road leading up to the runway: http://maps.google.nl/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=nl&geocode=&q=2.769235,+101.702113&aq=&sll=52.469397,5.509644&sspn=5.897627,6.855469&ie=UTF8&ll=2.768024,101.699592&spn=0.009441,0.006695&t=h&z=17 Is it allowed to go/spot there? Don't want any issues with the police or anything. Regards, Derice.
  9. Anyone willing to awnser my question? I'll be there in a few days.
  10. Nice shots everyone! Where (exactly) did you make these? I have 16 hour wait ahead of me at KUL in two weeks. Love to catch some exotic birds! Never been there, so any tips, maps, suggestions are welcome! Does anyone know how the spotting conditions are from the "Concorde Inn"?
  11. Next month I will have a 16 hour wait for a connecting flight. As I like to spot aircraft at my home airport (AMS), I would like to know where to find some nice (and legal) spots for photographing some aircraft. I'm planning to shoot for about 2-3 hours, not longer. When I arrive at KUL, i'm still on NL time (feels like midnight at that time), so I'll probably will get some sleep at the Concorde Inn as well. I'm thinking of hiring a taxi that can drive me around? Is that a good plan? Or does anyone have some other suggestions? I'm not that much of an apron spotter, I like to catch them in flight or landing/takeoff.
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