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  1. Have a pleasant flight back to Adelaide, Sing Yew.
  2. Good shot - the "night goggles" (Abel's idea) cabin view.
  3. Thanks Pieter. I love KLM livery anytime.
  4. Thanks for the pics, Delwin & Ignatius. Our MW newsnet is anytime more up-to-date and accurate than the Press!
  5. To save the video to your hard disk, first finish watching the video. Then ensure that you have ticked "show hidden files and folders" in your My Computer >> tools>>folder options>>View. Then go to My Computer >> Local Disk ( C: ) >> Documents & Settings >> your Name's folder >> Local Settings >> Temporary Internet Files. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find the file under [From www.metacafe.com]. Right click and copy it to your hard drive.
  6. LeeCH You're one of the few who know about Cap'n Tarmack. He's quite a guy and reminds me of Bob Hoover and Chuck Yeager.
  7. "Her wings have now come to life and they are causing a span-wise flow of air off of the wingtips into a 'vortex' that continues out from those wings to the runway edges. This forced swirl of air soon begins to interact with the snow that has been deposited along the runway edges by the snowplows. Continuing along now at 140 knots her engines have finally been able to get RAM air into their frontal zones, for free........." Cap'n Tarmack ------------ Those words were written a few years back and I saved that article somewhere. I happened to find it again by chance and thought of sharing it with you guys. I still think it's one of the most beautiful outpouring of love for the B747. To read it in full go to: B747_1 B747_2 B747_3
  8. Some of the best cockpit shots I've seen. Thanks TK.
  9. Nice ones, Edwin. Love the last one most.
  10. I don't see any problem with your pics. Great shots.
  11. Yeah, Sherman. Tell me where to d/load it or PM me. Thanks.
  12. So the truck was speeding, eh? Really a case of the cart overrunning the horse.
  13. Really beautiful! Thanks Colin & Edwin.
  14. LeeCh I was on holiday in Penang. I missed shooting you at KLIA but will make it some day. Happy landings.
  15. Brilliant shots, Norman. You ARE a sifu now. Love that Air India somehow.
  16. Attan

    ZRH pics

    I think KL's livery is more attractive....provided they keep the a/c clean
  17. Thanks, Pieter. Yes, I kinda like the stripes too.
  18. Attan

    ZRH pics

    Beautiful shots again from Azman! Thanks.
  19. Norman Good idea to try out different lenses! Thank you all for the a/c identification - I still have a lot to learn!
  20. One of the best shots I've seen. Thanks, Eric.
  21. Raj That...I have to ask the experts
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