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  1. I'M POSTING ON BEHALF OF MIN CHUN BECAUSE HE HAS BEEN FACING CONNECTION PROBLEM FOR FEW DAYS Yea I got the same price too from the UA official websites but then, ONLY those who have credit cards with registered-United States-mailing address can make the online booking. I don't have any other options of country to choose from when it comes to payment. CHai and Azizul, I think I will look for the transit hotel. I have a glance on the websites last night. The only problem is I scare that I might just miss my flights if it's too comfy to sleep in. Thanks Keith! Most probably I will be taking PEN-SIN-NRT-IAD-MCO on 15 August which the agent offers me at RM2600. Arrives in SIN at 10.40 pm and and departure to NRT is 7.10am in the next morning. I contacted both of these TA before, but neither one of them seems to have the will to serve me. I got a deal for RM2600 from another TA and I will try calling UA GSA to ask if there is cheaper deal. Thanks! Andi Yoong, thanks for helping me but it's too expensive for me. [ quote name=jani' date='May 7 2009, 12:05 PM' post='224464] If you see Expedia KUL-MCO, you can get it for $838.20. Routing is MH KUL-PVG then PVG-ORD-MCO on UA. The best thing about it is the travel time, just a bit over 24 hours compared to the 34-38 hours as suggested earlier in this thread. But I guess thats mainly because this one is out of KUL. PEN-KUL on AK is RM36 by the way. Jani I think most probably I will be taking the deal stated above which costs me RM2600(which is less than $838) But thanks for offering help Jani Yea I will try to call and see if I can get better deal. I believe I won't be able to get myself out form Changi because we were not allowed to exit Changi too when we booked for flights to Melbourne last year. Only yearly-tickets holder are allowed to exit Changi if I am not mistaken. Transit hotel would be a good choice By the way, guys and girls, THANKS FOR OFFERING HELPS! I feel so good with dozens of different results & replied coming in and feel really touch as you guys could spend time on searching flights for me. Cool M-wingers! You guys rock! EDIT (8/5/09) : Was to post this reply last night but again I encountered connection problem again. I've called to GSA but the ticketing officer asked me to book the ticket from local Penang agent I contacted ACE Tour but they offer me a deal costing me RM4k +, which is considered the chpeapest for them So I will be taking the RM2600 deal, departing on 15 of August. Thanks guys!
  2. wah... hope it's in Penang.. haha..
  3. mm... can i ask tat is there someone from here going spotting this at 27-7-08 last sun? cuz i saw quite a few ppl there...
  4. mm... not his bro, but his cous... haha!!! ok... i'll have to c whether my fren or min chun is going... if they're going, i'm going..
  5. i didn go to spot last sunday... haizzz i think i'm going for this sunday.... anyone going??
  6. wat should we include in the application and resume??
  7. ya... but which site?? i am finding it a few days ad..
  8. anyone know how to write the application?? and resume too.... can teach me how to write??
  9. which mean that i still can try to apply into the programme, right??
  10. thx... i hav to care for my eyes now... my right eye is 600++ arrr... how about laser?? do they recieve any people how did laser??
  11. What do they mean by ''good eyesight(visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aid, correctable to 6/6)''?
  12. hope the people in the plane will survive.
  13. nice pics haha where do u take ur photo
  14. nice shots neesern haha i like the 1st pic the highway
  15. u sketch out the 1st pic arr haha but nice guide
  16. everything is big now....hehe
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