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  1. Nice shots everyone, cant believe Singapore has such blueness.
  2. Some shots from my recent Sydney trip. Aerolineas Argentina A342 departing 34R Asiana B772 in old colours with a nice stormy background Air New Zealand B763, winglets against the tail Virgin Blue B73H rotating off 16L with the stormy backdrop, and the M5 motorway. Etihad A346 "F1" again in Sydney. 2nd time I've caught her. Emirates A380 starting her gentle rotation off to Auckland. Hawaiian B763 with winglets Hawiian B763 landing 16R in the late summer/autumn evening V-Australia B77W, looking all hot and sexy rotating 34L. Qantas A332, being the kangaroo that she is and jumping over Virgin United B744 "Star Alliance" getting airborne for the USA
  3. Not exactly sure which date you were after, but here are some: 25/2 - MU545 B2381 A343 26/2 - MU545 B2326 AB6 27/2 - MU545 B2382 A343
  4. With over 9gb of shots in 1 day, I think I'll just start with a few.. Airbus A330-200F Airbus A330-200F Cargo Hold The Bulge Cargo Door Opened Air Baltic Q400 Garuda 737-800 Other Civillian Challenger 850 Falcon 7X Piper Sports Forgot the name of this cutie. Military RSAF AH64 RSAF G550 USAF P3 USAF F15 RAAF F111 USAF KC135
  5. 24/1/2010 My best day in aviation spotting this year. 9V-SKI arriving in beautiful evening light, as SQ321. OO-THB arriving as 3V001. Glad to have caught her in such good light. First time catching the orange. PK-GPH arriving as GA830. VH-VWW arriving as JQ57. First sight of JQ's A321. VH-OQF arriving as QF10. Although LH's 346 and NH's "Panda" landed 02C, I am happy to have stayed at 02L, for we had our first Singapore Airshow practise rehearsal and actual run, all thanks to Alitalia's B777. Seen here, I-DISE in new colours, doing a fly-past of 02L at probably 200 or 300 feet. What a beauty! So near, so close, so low. Fantastic! Her extremely steep climb after the pass made it so much better than any airshow manuever you will ever witness in Singapore. She then returned on a 2nd round for a landing on 02L, going dead slow since she's empty and super light.
  6. Nope. Last AF1 visit was at PLAB as well. I do recall seeing pics of the aircraft there (news reports). Canadian Air Force A310 and Mexican Air Force B757 just came into WSSS this morning. Japan AF's 2x B744s arriving in 2 hours, followed by 2x Rossiya IL96s. I think only the 2 VC25As go to PLAB, given the high security. Even if we could get her at PLAB, from the schedule it looks like she'll come and go under the cover of darkness.
  7. The weather was really promising today (30Sep)... See how good it is. Then somehow.... it became like this when it really mattered, just 1/2hr after the above shot. S.I.G.H.
  8. My version of the shots of the day. Thanks for KC & MW for all the info. PH-BVD SkyTeam Also, additional unexpected surprise visitor. VH-OEJ Wunala Dreaming
  9. Skyteam en route to KL today.
  10. Wow, SLK surent isnt the typical "Small Little Kancil"! Nice shots there Bob!
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