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  1. Any update on Virgins XFB? It should be resprayed now.
  2. Tiger Airways Australia are flying MEL-SYD-MEL from 3rd July 2009. 4 Daily
  3. (JQ) Jetstar- 717, 320,321 (QF) Qantas- 717, DH8-400, 734, 738, 763 (TT) Tiger AU- 320 (DJ) Virgin Blue- E170, E190, 737, 738 some oldies.. Impulse- 717-200 Ansett- A320,737-300, 767-200
  4. Nope. Would have made my day if they did...On the VA 777 you could take a peek, as well as the QF 747 today apparently... The VA cabin is just so modern and amazing, great config, leaves the QF 747 cabin for dead.
  5. This airline sounds more like a Vending Machine.
  6. I went yesterday and Today. Weather was supurb last night, dodgy today. Avalon was on the verge of flooding this morning, and it was just one giant mud field. Friday night was well worth it though. 777 gear Wish it was down with the other heavies. Nancy-Bird Tribute. The Jetpack guy and Some from Today Reversing her in.. Sure was a sight! I wish it did acrobatics NZ 757 Front View 777 Landing Lights
  7. Can I post my shots here also from the airshow?, or start another thread?
  8. I see XAB is operating the Melbourne Service this evening. Would have been a brilliant site to see her at OOL, but dont know if the recent runway extension could take her?
  9. The whole D7 livery's are all just to busy for me...XXA/B are worse.. Good to see I am not the only one who is no fan of the D7 Livery...AK is not bad though...
  10. What Sinagpore routes are they going on? (Singapore, January 19, 2009) -- Tiger Airways' first A 319 aircraft has arrived at its Singapore base last night straight from the Hamburg factory. Rosalynn Tay, managing director of Tiger Airways Singapore said "I am so excited about growing our fleet. With more planes we are able to have even more low low fares for travellers. The best thing about this plane is that it is 98% the same as our A320s but with less seats and a lower operating cost. This is the perfect aircraft for route development and ensures that the airline is in the right position to exploit new opportunities as they are presented." The A319 has been successfully operated with low fare airlines across the world with significant fleets in service with airlines such as Easyjet and Spirit in the US. Rosalynn Tay said "the A319 is a proven low fare aircraft type. With these additional aircraft we have the opportunity to aggressively expand our paw print to more destinations with our famous low low fares." Source : Tiger Airways
  11. They are to be delivered to both TT and TR, not cancelled. I cant see Singapore benefiting more from A319 than Adelaide. Used on the SIN-KUL perhaps? Does anyone have a list of when there deliveries are due for the Tiger Group, or if at least known, for the next 6-12 months. They have like 60 more to come.
  12. Here it is, in Hamburg. From Airliners.Net
  13. All thanks to Virgin, QF/JQ have now followed and are cutting all Fuel Surcharges in Aus Domestic Market. JQ will cut a further $10, DJ will slash $19 and QF will cut $18. Now, If they drop this off their current sale fares, well, it might be cheaper flying QF than TT!
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