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    BKI 2020

    Is AK moving ops to T2? I saw 3 of their A320s parked there & their GSEs are also there
  2. anyone got a shot of the A400 at T2 today?
  3. Anyone been to 'World Trael Cafe' @ Aeropod for spotting? Seems to be quite a lot of RW20 landings these few days https://web.facebook.com/worldtravelcafes
  4. what/whose private jet was musa aman traveling on?
  5. Water cannon salute for MF's inaugural nonstop PEK-BKI flight https://youtu.be/uyAv3nRUrX0
  6. Got water cannon ceremony today for MH's A350 ... lol https://web.facebook.com/sabahsinchewdaily/videos/1972517542765448/
  7. Today (7JAN18) was the last day of operation for Cathay Dragon out of BKI
  8. Cattle re-supply for Desa
  9. A friend of mine who was suppose to fly Rayani Air today received an SMS saying RN131 BKI-KUL has been cancelled due to pilot strike
  10. Seems like AK/D7's A330 is a twice daily occurrence now, coded AK 8XXX
  11. Corrections: It's actually a Boeing E-4B Advanced Airborne Command Post. Not Boeing VC-25 designated for AF1
  12. 'Air Force One' (not sure if it's desginated that) just landed [/url]
  13. Here u go! V-22 Ospreys at the 'Fokker Lounge'
  14. Saw a red-tailed B737 parked at T1's bay 8 for a few days already. Anyone can shed some light?
  15. Anyone caught the Dreamliner this morning?
  16. MAS operated a chartered flight MH8634 from TWU 13Jan eta: 1840 ... anyone know what was that for?
  17. Some pics of D7's ops at T1 on 01/01/15 Notice the time on FIDS is already 11:41 but D7 5109 ETD stated as 11:15 with status still at 'Boarding' Glimps of the A330 from the coach parking area
  18. Got an AirAsiaX A330 operating as D7 5109 to KUL just now, at Terminal 1, Gate A3
  19. Did AirAsia's FAs discontinue their Weekend Uniforms? Anyone noticed?
  20. Just curious: Were BKI bound BI paxs allowed to disembark permanently in BKI? Or do they need to be flown back to BWN to retake another BKI bound flight? (As I know BI carries a lot of actual BKI bound paxs in their network)
  21. Very orange. Here are some more coverage: http://keehuachee.blogspot.com/2013/02/fireflys-new-uniforms-for-snake-year.html
  22. I saw a 777 & heard some wide bodies (they do sound different) taking off today
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