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  1. Been awhile since I last flew into KLIA, so some advise needed. We'll be arriving in from MYY on MH2585 at 2240hrs and have a connecting SV831 flight the very next morning at 0640. Unfotunately, flight bookings are separate as we can't seem to get the exact flights online/travel agents. Thinking of booking the SamaSama express (airside) so the kids can have some rest. But due to separate flight bookings, what's the possibility of the check in agent at MYY able to tag our bags through all the way to MED? If not a possibility, can we go directly to the hotel, have a rest, check out hotel at 0400, clear immigration and collect our bags at lost and found and straight to Saudia counter? Or do you guys can think of a better option for us?
  2. Two flights in total. V8-DLC and V8-DLD. Was told Malaysians was on the second flight.
  3. Not rumours but confirmed. Last service for AK will be this Sunday. Not surprised though, early morning flights are hard to compete with the timings offered by BI (majority of Bruneians treat KK as a quick getaways, head to the airport after school/ work ends on a friday and back by sunday evening).
  4. The 2 grounded with engine issues were a while back ago. I've not seen the chartered a343 landing and taking off above my house since they started the direct flights. I'm assuming installation of crew rest bunk are now complete.
  5. More like twice weekly by 28 December, increasing to 4 weekly by February 2019.
  6. Article regarding the incident Wasp headache continues for airlines at Brisbane Airporthttps://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/wasp-headache-continues-for-airlines-at-brisbane-airport-20180830-p500pw.html
  7. Crown prince with 342 left after installation. HM flew in for the installation dinner.
  8. Flights to UK are not banned but extra checks for laptops and tablets in Dubai prior to boarding apparently. Items will be checked at security and must switched on.
  9. Add Royal Brunei Airlines to the list too. And I just bought tickets to the UK for our planned family holiday in September via RBA roughly 4 days before the banned announcement! Was contemplating on using RBA or SQ then. Haiyah.
  10. But somehow, UK list's does not include Abu Dhabi, Doha and Dubai.
  11. I agree to this completely. One would only understand the situation once they travel with infants. Lounge or not, getting proper infant food and milk supply in an airport is extremely difficult. (We were delayed in Changi last November, even then we had a difficult time finding proper halal food for our two year old. Thankfully she takes in fresh milk which we could purchase from 7/11). If MH customer service had notified them in advance, i reckon they would have been better prepared.
  12. Checking in online is not available when traveling with an infant.
  13. No, unfortunately the doors were closed immediately as HM left the hangar. Yes, He used his 744 for this trip. 748 was parked right next to it. 762 had to be parked outside prior to the departure due to hangar space only accomodating 3 planes.
  14. Royal hanger was wide open prior to HM's departure for KL this morning. Apparently his new 748 is already in it. Full garage prior to his departure with 4 planes in total.
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