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  1. Other than that, whenever we enter Japan Airspace a new squawk code will be issued to us and we have to change it in our transponder. I haven't found out what is the reason yet and even if our destination is not Japan eg : to Korea.
  2. No Bro, I departed few minutes after the Jetstar 787 back to KUL. I landed this morning 4:30am (Malaysia time). I was there for 36 hours only. Roger. Thanks for your support
  3. I just saw this baby at OOL yesterday at around 9:20pm (7:20pm Malaysia time). She parked beside my aircraft and departed few minutes before us. But not too sure where she was heading to.
  4. A330 trip is much more better than A380... For A330 you can go inside the aircraft but not for A380 because someone dropped down from upper decker last time.
  5. According to big boss... There is absolutely no truth in the report It makes no sense to fire foreign pilots to save costs when foreign pilots and Malaysian pilots are on the same pay package.
  6. finished SEP exam already lar.. hahaa!!!
  7. In AirAsiaX, Visually Impaired passenger are classified as Ambulatory. Ambulatory meant a passenger who is ABLE to board, move about and deplane unassisted or with very little assistance. Hearing Impaired, Speech Impaired, passengers able to walk distance but unable to climb stairs, passengers able to climb stairs but unable to walk long distance are also classified as ambulatory. For every 4 ambulatory passengers travelling in a group, there should be 01 able bodied person assigned to assist them in an emergency. The able bodied person can be any passenger from the flight. Well, different airlines different regulation...
  8. Hi Aaron, Since you already have Singapore ATPL, you can write a letter to DCA direct to Director of General request for a Malaysia PPL. Maybe you have to sit for Malaysia Air Law and HPL exam. Regards
  9. Hi, I don't think there is any flying school in Sarawak. Last time there was one in Bintulu, but now not longer available. The following are the flying academies that still operating in Malaysia. MFA - Malaysian Flying Academy (Malacca) HMA - HM Aerospace (Langkawi) APFT - Asia Pacific Flight Training (Kota Bahru) KISTAA - Kist Aviation Academy (Terengganu)
  10. hahaha... job, money and food... xD xD!! or beer?
  11. Syukri, I have a friend currently working as a joyride pilot in a Club. He get around 5 hours only per month. As what I know they lack of instructor only. They have more than enough joyride pilots. Another issue is their aircraft rating, those who graduated from MFA definately Piper Warrior PA28, from APFT and HMA are Diamond or PA28-3, but most of the clubs in Malaysia operating Cessna 172. They need to fly around 5 hours (Minimum) in order to get Cessna 172 rating to fly for club as a joyride pilot. 5 hours x RM650 = RM3250, Exam fees around RM250... Minimum they have to pay is RM3500, to get back RM3500 they need to fly 35 joyride hours. My friend getting 5 hours a month, so in average to get back RM3500 you need 7 months.
  12. heyz... its not easy to get GA job as well. I have tried before when I was jobless. I willing to do anything as long as keep flying. I sent my resumes to those GA companies, but none of them reply me.
  13. I heard D7 sold their A330-200 to Garuda.
  14. Hi Timothy, since you are from Bintulu, maybe you can consider to join Sabah Flying Club based in WBKK.
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