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  1. I believe we did too! Thanks for your help. The guard the other day was pretty chilled and allowed me to walk in to take a side shot albeit from near his post. Where did you take those arrival shots from?
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I'm visiting KCH until next weekend and was interested in going spotting. I'm trying to suss out vantage points. Christopher Lo, where were you standing to get those AK A320 taxiing photos? And Prestley, nice area for arrivals. Any recommended focal ranges? I'm using a 100-400k2 and 24-105 on a crop body. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards
  3. They certainly are white, and there are quite a number of photos showing the cowlings as white.
  4. Are you in OOL now? Btw, the 1/200 PH JAL 787 and 1/400 PH MAS MD11 have arrived safely a while ago! Thank you heaps!
  5. Not something I can elaborate on any further. Only way to find out is to rock up and see if it's operating on the route when you check in.
  6. Good morning everyone, Kindly find enclosed a link to an album containing photos I took at Jetstar's 787 Family Day at our recently refurbished hangar at the Melbourne Airport QF Maintenance Base to celebrate the arrival of our very first Dreamliner. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151659031856727&type=1&l=cf455f187b Hope you enjoy the photos! Kind regards, Chung
  7. Thanks everyone! I might be getting another opportunity to go onboard another CX 748F but this time in regular livery. If and when I do, I will most certainly share the photos with you. Glad you've all enjoyed the photos!
  8. Hi everyone, Kindly find enclosed a link to an album containing photos of Cathay Pacific Cargo's B747-867F B-LJA Hong Kong Trader's inaugural flight to Melbourne as part of her HKG-SYD-MEL-HKG routing. Her maiden flight occured on the 5th of November, with delivery on the 15th. This was her second trip downunder. I trust you'll all enjoy the photos! CPAC 748F Kind regards, Chung
  9. Just heard of this from my parents. Dr. James Ngu is my uncle and he has always been very keen on flying. I pray for a quick recovery and RIP to the victim.
  10. There weren't any parts to take home as a souvenir; though I would love that entire beast in my backyard and convert it into my own little playground. Noticd the First Officer is a huge balloon with a party hat. Well, we need a Melbourne get together so hopefully that'd happen in the not too distant future. Chung
  11. I was on that aircraft too!!! It was an amazing day. Seated in row 2 and was assigned to have bad stomach cramps. OQA was on short finals just as we got off the Skybus. I was the very last person to be called because there was conflicting decisions between the airportrep and AFP. When my "brother" was called up to greet "dad", I wasn't allowed to follow him upstairs but was later questioned by the AFP. Inconsistencies Hope the pictures show up! Are you from Swinburne? Did you go to the Aviation AeroNAUGHTIcal Booze Cruise the night after? Regards, Chung
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