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  1. I will be there too with 9 family members.Arriving @5 pm 8 Dec. n puttting up in Twin Peaks.Hope to meet some of u there but how?somebody suggested a MW Cap for members sometime ago but it didn't materialised.seems that we r keeping isolated btw us.
  2. As usual, Malaysia's Aviation is for the priviledged few
  3. wondering who are the people in the MH Board? kind of interesting to know whether they are capable of running an airline or have any knowledge or know how to run this type of business.
  4. Very good Raymund but I think I better put my money elsewhere Very informative of u Musrif,thanks a lot.KLM is now using B777's from KUL.Seems that the 747 now is used only for cargo Mebbe.MH doesn't provide aircraft details like what KLM does in their website.Then they might change type of aircraft at the last minute
  5. lots of very funny fellows here...anyway, thanks for the info guys.Regards I did in 2006 but with Emirates in an Airbus A330 hey, i'm a school teacher la...what am i going to do with a mammoth like that? Thanks buddy Oh...pity me Gavin,now this is one feller who knows what I want.Thanks Gavin ha...ha...ha..greatest joke so far.Just can't imagine what's goin to happen.I can turn the whole airport into tsunami like zone
  6. hIi,how do i get to fly on a B747?
  7. Yeah u r right.Everybody have a choice on which airline to fly.By the way FY doesn't need an aerobridge.Maybe a slide from th terminal straight into the plane.Whoosh! At the begining, yes, it could be a few sens to the tix but we wouldn't know later on.It will be like the Malaysian teh-tarik syndrome.Assuming that Petrol prices go up by 10 sen and the cost for other things including usage of the aerobridges will go up by ???? %.
  8. Yeah, MAHB is a bad guy.First they let AA operate at KLIA,afer seeing AA's "cheap passengers" around it was an eyesore for them.They rather have "cheap foreigners"at KLIA after all it is the taxpayer's money to build KLIA.Then they sent AA to operate at the wharehouse.Later they found out that these wharehouse airport boys are making money.Now they called them back to KLIA2.It's all about money,ain't it ?
  9. Hi,can anyone tell me the altitude of a plane within Gunung Ledang,Muar,Johor upon it's landing at KLIA or LCCT?
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